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    Fly reels

    I have to say I agree with you to some extent on that point. Many people spend all day on here seemingly with little time for anything else, particularly fishing, and consider it their personal demesne. It isn't, it's for everyone and just because a new member hasn't searched for a post and...
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    Fly reels

    I used to think the same but once I started using a relatively nice one compared to the cheap "line holder" I had before I completely changed my mind. If you try different styles you're likely to find something you enjoy and playing a fish off a good reel is a joy compared to handlining. Having...
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    which type of trout is your favourite to catch?

    For me it's not the species but the setting. I prefer to catch a wild brownie from a small river because it's the river that I prefer to stillwater. Many people think they prefer wild brownies to stocked rainbows but I bet the same stocked rainbow in a wild setting would rank highly. I do find...
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    Two martins a swallow do not make or summat.

    It's often thought that you have to be in the countryside to see amazing things but in 2015 I was working in the Cheesegrater in the City (Leadenhall Building) on the 26th floor and throughout the summer I would watch as Peregrines would take off from a perch just above my window, or across the...
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    Let's not forget that most of these rods are built in China too, GBP:CHY has weakened severely since last year too. they probably are still sold out of the factories at similar prices but converted to sterling are more expensive.
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    No...buthad you gone in May 2016 you would have got 1.32 euros. Currently you get 1.14 so that's a drop of 13.5% there or thereabouts. If your trip had been 10 years ago you would have received 1.5 euros so closer to 35-40%. It may be news that most fiscal reporting dates are not always...
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    You won't learn how to read a river on a stillwater and that is honestly 90% of the challenge. The remaining 10% is casting and tying a fly on so if you can do that then it is time to start spending time on a river learning where the fish are and how to get something in front of them!
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    Tippet or Dropper?

    Tippet is the material that all hooks attach to, a dropper is a length of tippet that provides another end to tie an extra fly to. Droppers are made of tippet basically. If you've come to fly fishing from coarse, just think hooklength and paternoster.
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    Flies in hand luggage.

    Objects with sharp points seem pretty categorically banned. One of the key features to a fly or hook is the sharp point I would have thought. I would interpret that list as including (and not limited to). Assuming you go through security two hours before your flight, there isn't much time to...
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    Anyone on here have instagram?

    Yet any average 12 year old with a phone will be more adept at using the internet!
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    New rod time

    I have the Orvis Clearwater 8'6 #4 and can't recommend them enough. I don't know how well they scale up to 9' #6 but I've used the shorter 7' and loved that too! It would also leave plenty of money for bits and bobs if you're budgeting £300. Matching Clearwater reel?
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    Storing your catches

    Bass bags are designed to be made wet, and then kept out of the water so the evaporation keeps them cool by taking the heat up to evaporate the water. Leaving a bag in the water means no evaporation and therefore no cooling. in the shallow water in warmer weather you'd be exposing the flesh to...
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    How to dry cdc flies

    The band breaking would suggest more that you're using a weak band (hence it not working properly) rather than the method not being effective!
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    Playing a fish

    My experience is mainly of UK, SW rivers that have a few powerful rainbows sstocked in there. I only ever started playing off the reel once I bought myself a half decent reel (Orvis Access, upgrade from Sonik ST4) and it's a pleasure to use. In terms of drag, it makes sense to me that it is set...
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    Bass and Mullet off SW coast

    Me too this year. £300 will be more than enough! a new shake Agility 9ft 8wt set me back £15 on eBay (an irish shop, can dig it out if you wish) £40 for a Wychwood flow reel and line of your choice brings it in under a ton. I got this for pike this year but will use it for bass. I caught my...
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    Escape to the wild

    I don't think making money and escaping the rat race are mutually exclusive. I used to work in the City before I moved back to the south west and now enjoy a better work life balance while still earning a crust. I would absolutely say I've escaped the rat race, i no longer ride the tube, wear...
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    High summer lure fishing

    I used streamers (simple zonker strip with a gold cone head) for perch in the second half of last summer with great effect. after seeing the number of trout chasing them (where I didn't know trout lived) I tried them deliberately for the trout. You probably won't try for that long because it...
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    How to dry cdc flies

    The BEST way to dry any fly is to get a rubber band and hook it over the fly and pull the band tight, as if you were about to catapult it. Hold on to the tippet and with the hand pulling the band give it a few strums. This will vibrate the fly at a few hundred Hz and remove all water without any...
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    Dry fly fishing for grayling

    I fished the Test for the Broadlands grayling competition in october and took about 10 grayling on dries, about half of my fish. all on size 16-18 black links with purple high viz posts. they were rising everywhere. To be honest I don't notice grayling to be any less likely to rise to dries...
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    Pike on the mind

    Thanks very much chaps. 8ft spinning rod with 30lb braid sourced (and traces of course) and my coarse fishing net. I don't have a mat but given it is all very soft mud (VERY soft at the moment) I think I should get away with it.