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  1. Mostyn

    All quiet on Small Streams.

    Not been on FFF for a while; hope everyone is having a great season. Not doing any Fly fishing myself these days, although I've not lost interest, just my mobility (walking) problems prevent me from fishing rivers and small streams. Regards to everyone. M
  2. Mostyn

    HARDY FEATHERWEIGHT #3,Weight 7,ft Fly Rod

    First advertised yesterday! it's as new used on two occasions only.
  3. Mostyn

    HARDY FEATHERWEIGHT #3,Weight 7,ft Fly Rod

    HARDY FEATHERWEIGHT #3,Weight 7,ft Fly Rod As New Condition, £210.00 Posted to UK Address - SOLD
  4. Mostyn

    Hardy Flyweight 6ft #2, Weight Rod

    SOLD' pending payment . on the 8th, of Jan, 2018.
  5. Mostyn

    2 wt wanted.

    Hi Colin, I have a 9ft #3'weight original Streamflex I'm thinking of selling, hardly used like new £110 posted UK
  6. Mostyn

    Fly Fishing DVD's As New = 9

    See Photo for DVD's; £80, posted in UK.
  7. Mostyn


    For sale as one lot = £45 posted in the UK. These would make a nice collection for a New Angler or an Experienced Angler.
  8. Mostyn

    9' 2wt..

    I have a 9ft, #3,weight Streamflex Original in excellent condition £110 for it if your interested?
  9. Mostyn

    Wanted 2wt

    9ft, Original Streamflex #3, weight; £110.00 in excellent condition - PM me if interested?
  10. Mostyn

    Hardy Flyweight 6ft #2, Weight Rod

    Yes, they're such a lovely quality stream rod.
  11. Mostyn

    Hardy Flyweight 6ft #2, Weight Rod

    They are a unique little rod that's for sure; I'm selling up due to health problems.
  12. Mostyn

    Hardy Flyweight 6ft #2, Weight Rod

    Hardy Flyweight 6ft #2, Weight Rod Rod - Bag and Tube - all in excellent condition £185, posted UK only SOLD
  13. Mostyn

    Some advise?

    Thanks Luke; appreciated, lost touch with values a bit.
  14. Mostyn

    Some advise?

    Hardy Fly-Weight Rod 6ft; # 2, Weight; I'm going to sell it;but lost touch with the value of it; I would value some opinions on asking price? Rod Bag and Tube are in excellent condition. Thanks
  15. Mostyn

    Small stream rod

    I use 6ft, 6ft.6. and 7ft, for stream fishing, will be selling some (all) my steam fishing gear soon.
  16. Mostyn

    Wm. Salter #5/7. Fly Reel

    Wm. Salter #5/7. Fly Reel; used only once, pouch and box; also SA Mastery DT #4 -F -Fly line fitted used only once. Reel without fly line £45.00 or with fly-line £55.00 posted in UK only. If interested please PM, me.
  17. Mostyn

    Hi from Swindon

    Not too far from you in Trowbridge; Welcome to FFF
  18. Mostyn

    Danielsson Fly Reel - New in Box

    Danielsson Fly Reel - New In Box Looking for £130.00 posted UK only PM me if interested.
  19. Mostyn

    Simms Waders New In Box

    Simms Headwater Waders; NEW! in box not even removed from box Size M. Looking for £200 for them; paid £400, half price bargain. Will soon be selling up all Fly Fishing equipment. Walking has become a problem.