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    Pike on the mind

    I want to get out tomorrow, grayling season done for my club now ad I don't fancy sitting still for too long on a float. I'm yet to land a pike but I know they are there after stealing some of my fish this summer but thinking about lure fishing for them tomorrow. Is it too cold (forecast sunny...
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    First go at trotting

    I had my first go at trotting this morning, using a 13ft match rod I was given for my 11th birthday (19 years old, still in its wrapper!) I used maggots under a puddle chucker weighted waggled. It started off hard, i couldn't get a drift right and didn't get any bites after trying to build the...
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    SWFF Cornwall September

    I'm heading down to Rock/Polzeath/Daymer bay area in september, does anyone have experience of marks around there and if they'd be suitable for first attempts in the salt? I'm thinking bass with clouser type flies, does that sound like a good starting point?
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    Although full of information, the forum for the Avon & Tribs AA doesn't seem to get much traffic. I thought this could be a place to share experiences and tips throughout the season. I'll be starting on Sunday, it can't come soon enough and I look forward to meeting more ATAA members through...
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    Golden Moments

    As an antidote to some of the less positive threads at the moment, what are people's best part of a day's fishing? Whether its setting up on the bank at the start of the day, looking of pictures in the pub at the end or the first tug before you know if you've got a p.b. trout or just another...
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    Dropshot for Perch

    I know it's far from classic coarse fishing but in the absence of anywhere better to ask, has anyone tried drops hotting for perch? My ATAA membership entitles me to coarse beats on the Bristol Avon and I tried this afternoon for a couple of hours for some perch. One knock but i didn't really...
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    Starting trotting for Grayling

    I've found a float rod in the garage, 13ft 2-20g match rod that is old but still in case (15 years old?) Can i team this with a centrepin to try some trotting for Grayling as a winter activity? We have good Grayling around but only really by-catch after trout for some reason but the water looks...
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    Bristol River Fishing

    Can anyone recommend a bit of river fishing available on day ticket or free within an hour of bristol? I'm not sure if the river chew has beats for fly fishing or the avon around Bath that can be accessed. Can anyone help? I'd love to get out tomorrow morning!
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    Getting away with the "wrong line"

    Hi, I'm lokoing at a new rod fora very small stream I have found but can really get in there with my 9ft 4wt rod. I know the same type of rod is available in 6ft at 2wt but would that mean i need to buy new reel and line. Given the fact that very little fly line will ever be out for casting...
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    Early Morning Trout

    I've been really restricted to when I have been able to fish recently and beginning to get desperate so am thinking about making the most of this sunday off by starting as early as possible (dawn). Are there any tips people can offer, I'll be in south Devon either Teign or Avon on the passport...