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    Sid Knight

    Passed away, yesterday, he had been unwell for several months.
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    "Bloke" rods...

    I saw on fbk, directly from Mick Bell is stopping work on April 1st, as Bloke has been or is up for sale.
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    "Taff" Price

    Have just seen on facebook, that, Taff passed away yesterday. He will be sadly missed by the fly fishing community, self included, R.I.P.
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    W.T.B. Hardy Shadow, 9' aftm 6 (or 5)

    Needn't be "Sintrix" model, fair to good condition. Plz. p.m. with details, so I can send an email for photo's. Cheers.
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    Talk about fly fishers with "disabilites" ...
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    Sort-of LAW-ish
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    Sort-of LAW-ish
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    Petition, Ban foul waters from being discharged into rivers
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    CfR, VERY sad news, Just seen on facebook

    Over many years, Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland has helped countless ladies affected by breast cancer through the brilliant and therapeutic weekend retreats, most recently co-ordinated by Sue Shaw and her team. The safety of CfR’s vulnerable participants has always been of paramount...
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    Latest Trout & Salmon, Epic article by

    Paul Caslin. superb photo's of some of his phenomenal trout flies. Not to mention the text. & there's plenty of other stuff there from the regular suspects.
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    Congratulations Seb

    Hope you have a great birthday
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    A "Flip Book" for us Salmon Tying freaks (Prepare to be Dazzled !)
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    There's quite a few here, I've seen before, but there again... Paul Martyna's #398 statistics and analytics
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    Bob Church

    I saw that he passed away, yesterday morning. Deepest eypathies to everyone.
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    Just seen on Facebook

    RIP We were absolutely devastated to learn of the sudden passing this week of Tony Donnelly, former BW fisheries manager and great friend and supporter of the club. He gave genuine passion and enthusiasm to our lakes and our fishing. He will be remembered by all of us for having made such...
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    Funky Fly Tying

    Check out a few posts down... Funky Fly Tying - | Facebook
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    I would say, that this is potentially libelous

    Seen on facebook yesterday, where there are comments from several of the fishing community, as one would expect... The Big Wobble: Another tipping point breached: Salmon have disappeared in Scotland: Not a single salmon caught during the entire season.
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    Signitures needed, to help save freshwater habitat's

    Protect Water - Salmon & Trout Conservation
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    "Red Moon, tonight"

    I noticed on the news last night, that there's a lunar eclipse tonight & it will last for several hours. This is a "once in a centuary" event, where the moon turns a red-ish colour, so tripods, long lenses & slow exposures seem to be the order of the day... err sorry, night
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    Orvis offer, this week (in the Bath shop) maybe others as well.

    I have NO connecdtion with them b.t.w. but any sale, with the total price exceeding £50.00 will get a "discount" of £25.00. So might be worth checking your local branch out.