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  1. jan007

    Beathable waders

    Being treated to chest waders for Xmas. Any suggestions/review reports for stockingfoot waders for around £200
  2. jan007

    The Magnificent 7

    Been re-reading an old book (original publication 1997) called Matching the hatch by Pat O'Reilly. In the book Pat highlights seven flies (and two sizes) which he felt "in most circumstances" would be all the flies you would need to catch trout all year round in Stillwaters, Rivers and Streams...
  3. jan007

    River/Stream/Brook Directory

    Is there any sort of "comprehensive UK directory" that tells you which stretches of Rivers/streams/Brooks which are not controlled by a club, day ticket etc, just free to fish?? It would be nice just to be able to type in a name of a river/steam location (if in directory) to indicate it's...