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    Mullet in Braunton

    Good tips - thanks guys. I'll give the bass a crack too. How late in the year is that worth a run?
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    Mullet in Braunton

    Thanks! Are they sensitive to the time of day? When I saw them it was dusk, but I assume it’s just the coincidence of high tide being at dusk that caused that. Might try bait fishing just to open an account. I’ll get some black and peacocks and that book too. They were amazing to see.
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    Mullet in Braunton

    I was five feet away from them where the Caen drops down that slope by the tiki and Saltrocl shops! Have you had any out at crow?
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    Mullet in Braunton

    I'm from Braunton, in North Devon, and visiting my mother a few weeks ago I went for a walk at high tide that passed the confluence of the Caen and Knowl water (the Caen sort of steps down an artificial slope and goes from being a small river to an estuary). The water was absolutely boiling...
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    Cannington Brook

    Would be really cool if they were sea trout!
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    Cannington Brook

    Hi Wayne - I went but didn't managed to fish. I think your mate's tip is a good one though, down from the friendly spirit is by a park then the river becomes slow/canalised; above it looks like perfect trout water, walking down it. It was family commitments that prevented me, I'm hoping to head...
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    Fishing in exmoor

    Very interesting - thank you! Can fishing rights be held in common (that's sort of a joke). Are the waters you refer to in the last para ("there is a lot of good water (not just tiny headwaters)") the Chalk, Weir and Farley waters mentioned in the penultimate para? Good to know about...
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    Fishing in exmoor

    Is the private fishing signposted ("No Fishing - Members Only" or something like that)? Would be interesting to see what's owned and what appears "unclaimed".
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    Plumb-bob Perdigon

    Wow. That's a stunner.
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    Fishing in exmoor

    Some of the upper part runs through NPA owned land if I am reading this map right As another poster said poaching is free (and I’ll suggest low risk up there - the NPA doesn’t appear to sell permits?). Dunno if it’s...
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    Fishing in exmoor

    Some of the farmers are fine to have you fish if you are staying in their campsites, bnbs etc - I doubt they’d turn down a tenner if you rang up. Eg mention fishing and kids...
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    Newbie seeking advice on leaders/tippet

    There might be something here.
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    I've seen more this year than in the last few years, but still many fewer than when I was a kid (which is '90s/00s). Maddening to hear about that strimming by the council. So sad.
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    Rivers In Devon

    Thanks! I'll enjoy those stuck in my office in Bristol. I saw a video of a lady salmon fishing and smoking a cigar in Devon a while back and can't find it now - have you seen that one?
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    Adams Dry fly in smaller sizes

    Absolutely beautiful. Wish I could do that! What's the hook?
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    Beginers fly tying

    I bought a kit with materials and regret it. I fish small streams and the materials were mostly for big reservoiry patterns. I'm no expert but whilst that kit looks smart There's no hair stacker I'd personally rather have one pair of hackle pliers and two bobbin holders than vice-versa Three...
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    "Bloke" rods...

    What's he after for the business? With it's reputation and the suppliers in place I'd've thought someone would take his hand off.
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    River Mole Devon

    Yes I saw the news about the fine. Derisory is the word. How is the river fishing at the moment? Has it recovered at all or is it just the survivors?
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    River Mole Devon

    Recent catch returns on the Fish Pass app are unpromising. Only the four most recent returns seem to be shown but: Garramarsh Date May 30 July 27 August 10 August 19 Catch - Four brown trout - - Wampford Bridge Date May 28 June 1 June 12 July 15 Catch - - - -...