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    Cleaning fly lines

    As all of us, not been fishing for a while, and now's probably the time to clean my fly lines which are all on the reels. I have a bottle of line slick, just thinking of the best way to clean them? Want to be ready for the time we can get back to fishing 🎣 🤔
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    Garry Evans

    As always, impressed with the goods and excellent delivery service from Garry Evans. Ordered Agility Rise Travel rod around 2pm Monday the 5th August, took delivery next day, around 2pm! Courier could not have been more efficient......text with a one hour slot with option to change if...
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    Airflo superflo fly line

    As a novice fly fisher, I've been looking at the new Airflo Superflo fly lines. Wondering if anyone out there has tried one yet? If so, which do you think would suit a modest caster.......The Stillwater or The Presentation?
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    Wychwood Neoprene 3/4 Boots

    Would like to highly recommend these wellington boots. Warm, comfortable wide fit and very well made. Ordered from Garry Evans Wednesday evening, arrived this morning after early text telling delivery slot. Excellent service!
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    Orvis Fly Rod

    Saw a fly rod in my local adverts ......It's an Orvis Zero Gravity 107 Tip Flex 4 piece. I can't find this particular rod in Orvis sales etc. There are Orvis Zero Gravity with other numbers, but not 107? Have any of you heard of it, and if so what price would would it be when new? The one...
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    Barlow Trout fisheries

    I have been told that Barlow trout ponds are up for anyone thinking of going, might be best to phone first, check out the situation beforehand.
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    Any information on using a linewinder as I haven't used one before? I noticed a few weeks ago, that Wobblyface had sent for one and I would like to ask him what make, how he got on with it, and can it also be used to wind backing onto the reel? Advice from anyone would be much appreciated.
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    Landing nets

    Wondering which landing nets people are using on still waters these days. I've just bought the Wychwood bank net. It's extendable, light weight but very sturdy. There is a spike on the end which can be stuck into the ground, the head adjusts to any angle....can be used as a line tray. Good...
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    Buying new tackle

    Bought a new reel and landing net .........Just to say, I can recommend Uttings Ltd. Prices are very reasonable with fast delivery. Highly satisfied.
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    Grey's cassette

    Thinking about buying a new cassette reel. I like the new Grey's QRS as it is rated for two size spools, 5/6 line and 7/8 line which I think is a good idea. I also like the Snowbee Spectre cassette, the 5/6 one. I think you can also put a 7w line on this spool. A novice, so would really...
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    Very pleased with good quality blobs selection ordered from Selectafly. Prompt delivery and the person who took the order couldn't have been more helpful. Usual postage charge for telephone orders waived, because unable to find as it was temporarily removed from the website. Can recommend...
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    Fishing lines

    Being relatively new to fly fishing, not sure if below makes sense, but could someone tell me the difference between a fast intermediate fly line and a slow sinking line or in fact a fast sinking line, because I am thinking that if I had a fast sinking intermediate line why would I need a...
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    Hardy Reel

    Received Hardy CLS 7000 cassette reel today, very good quality and well built. Thank you Garry Evans.....very good, personal service. :thumbs:
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    New Rod

    Thinking of buying a Sportfish Purecast Rod, maybe a 9' 6" 7 weight. Has anyone any experience /knowledge of this make please? Your opinions would be helpful. I'm more or less a novice at fly fishing, looking for a light rod and this seems ok at only 3.5 oz Considering also, Orvis Clearwater...
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    Cassette Reel

    Thinking of buying the Wychwood truefly SLA cassette reel. Wondering if anyone has one, is it a good buy? Or, does anyone know of a better cassette reel? Appreciate opinions on this.
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    Fly Rod Saver

    Fly Rod Saver | Keep your expensive fly rod safe. Does anyone know where I can buy one of these ? Any info appreciated Thanks
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    Info please

    I am new to fly fishing, so could I ask for some info on the air flow poly leader? As I see it there is 5ft and 10ft leaders would it be better if fishing a river for wild brownies to use the 5ft one? Would you then use the 10 ft on still water? There seems to be 7 different densities. Also...