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    Has anyone fished Bewl fairly recently and can tell me how it is fishing ? The current catch reports seem to be a couple of weeks out of date on their website. Thanks in advance
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    All going wrong

    Guys, I need your help. The last 2 days have seen me manage to lose about 10 flies due to my leader snapping. I am tying my droppers on with 3 turn water knots and have had one dropper snap off near the knot and 3 times now the whole leader from the top dropper snap. Twice it has been on a...
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    New to tying

    Hi all, I have just started tying my own flies and caught a couple on buzzers, mostly learning from trying the SbS on here and watching various videos on YouTube. Today I have attempted to tie a few hoppers in readiness for my trip on Friday and would like some comments on how to improve my...
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    Diawl Bach feathers

    Hi, May I ask a silly question. I am new to tying and brought a bunch of materials from an auction. I want to tie some diawl bachs but the cock hackles I have seem to be very small and I find it hard to get any decent length ones to make a tail and throat. Despite searching I am not sure what...
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    Buzzers and Flourocarbon. Help

    Hi all, hope you can help / shed some light on something for me. Yesterday I fished Bewl and I am determined to learn how to fish buzzers correctly. I started on a floating line with 3 buzzers spaced 6ft apart and took one fish in the middle of the first drift. However that was it for the next...
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    Mexico fishing

    My wife and I have just booked to go to Mexico next March and will be staying near Playa del Carmen. Are there any reccomended guides around that area I could arrange for a days fishing with. I am a fairly novice fly fisherman so my casting leaves a lot to be desired. But would love to catch a...
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    My first ever Brwon trout

    My first ever Brown trout Hi Just thought I would like to share with you all a picture of my first ever Brown trout caught at Bewl Water. I tried in vain to revive it so i could return this magnificent creature but it just turned belly up every time :( It weighed 10lbs 12oz
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    Footwear help

    Hi all, hope you can help. I was wondering what kind of footwear would be best for fishing from a Dam wall. I was at Bewl yesterday doing rather well until the rain came and it became very slippery so I had to stop in fact getting off the Dam was an interesting experience. Cheers Pete
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    Washing Line ???

    :confused: Hi all, I am fishing a large reservoir for trout I have been advised that I should be using the washing line, firstly I have no idea what this is. Secondly what flies should I been using with it ? and Finally with respect to tying the droppers how would it be best to do this or...
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    Beginner help

    I have inherited some fly tying equipment and am keen to tie and catch something on my own creations. However I have been searching through here and cannot find a step by step guide how to start tying and some really basic patterns to practice with. Am I going blind and have I just missed a...
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    New rod help..

    Hi I am very new to trout fishing coming from a coarse background. I have been skimming these excellent forums for a bit and gaining some great tips, even caught a few trout along the way thanks to advice on another thread. However I have been using inherited tackle and a few bits and bobs I...