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    East Anglian rod company

    I am also a relative beginner and that’s why rather than being recommended to buy more than one line and try them I suggested the CCS system. Inexperienced people don’t have the knowledge to expertly differentiate that’s why it’s better to measure, then buy one line which is most likely to be...
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    East Anglian rod company

    You probably won’t go far wrong if you use the Common Cents System to determine line choice and characteristics of your rod. I think it will work well enough for your purposes and only takes a few minutes besides it being an interesting exercise.
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    Understanding Carbon Trout Rods

    A further point about the CCS system, and in particular the use of the Sameo quick calculator, is that once the exact weight is found, to deflect required third, it is then possible to put in false weights to see where the line size changes, up or down. So you will know if you have a high or low...
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    Understanding Carbon Trout Rods

    May I refer you back to post 558 where I asked for a simple yes or no answer. No takers so far.
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    Understanding Carbon Trout Rods

    I've mentioned this Sameo site and the quick calculator more than once previously. This CCS system is the only way we inexperienced folk have to determine what is probably the best line for an unmarked rod or even to verify the line for a marked rod . Assuming of course that we would also ensure...
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    short range line recommendations

    If I may I would like to add my recent observations on Dr Hanneman’s Common Cents System. Which BTW only takes about 15 minutes of your time to verify line weight for your rod particularly if you use the quick calculator on the Sameo site. I used the method to try and determine the best line...
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    Yarn indicators

    No Mr Trout it’s Alpaca wool. I have a ready supply.
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    Yarn indicators

    As I say it’s a work in progress. The reed could be shorter and the tubing need only be probably 2mm per side. It’s meant to be a modified NZ indicator to stop slip, it works and at virtually no cost. The extra weight is negligible and I don’t think it’s more cumbersome than some other...
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    Yarn indicators

    It’s a work in progress but I thought I’d share my modified NZ indicator as shown. It just needs 2 extra short pieces of tubing threaded on the line. A short piece of reed then locks it to prevent the troublesome problem of the indicator sliding around which can be a nuisance. I cut the top off...
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    Double hooks

    I thought I’d take advantage of the Fliesonline sale at the end of November and discovered, when putting them in my new fly box yesterday, that the red tag and the march brown have double hooks. Not evident in the photo very clearly and I’m not complaining but I just wondered what the general...
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    Lockdown project- fly tying?

    In the first lockdown I refurbished an old rod and got back into fishing so I wondered about a new project this time. On the basis that I may not get on with it I didn’t want to spend too much on tying equipment I have seen a Ty Master vice including some tools on the Dangler site. Have you seen...
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    Yarn indicators

    I believe alpaca wool has hollow fibres so should be very buoyant. I need to make some checks but please pm me as I have access to large supplies of brown or natural colour, I’m sure will be cheaper than the commercially available sheep’s wool.
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    Yarn indicators

    Thought I’d raid my wife’s sewing box for a crochet hook for the pull through tool and try alpaca wool as I have a ready source. Still to get the tubing think I’ll try local tackle shop for pole silicon tube.
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    Waders made in the EU or USA?

    I’ve no experience but what about LC Waders in Liverpool. Aren’t they British made ?
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    Maxcatch Avid Reel

    I wondered what the opinions are on this reel, available at a good price at the moment. Thinking of possible purchase of a 9wt on to which I’ll wind a 4wt line ( on order) with plenty of backing. This weight of reel needed to have any chance of a reasonable balance point on my cane rod. Thanks
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    Test Curves and Vectors; Any Mathematicians Out There?

    Another vote for Dr Hannemans Common Cents System. It does provide you with the characteristics of the rod for comparison and in conjunction with the quick calculator on the Swedish Sameo site will also give a recommended line weight .
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    Reel and tackle set up recommendations

    More newbie questions I’m afraid. I’ve been using my 9ft Chapman Chess for my return to fishing this year with a new 6 wf line on my old Diawa 231 reel . Rod balance is fine and whilst my casting casting could be better it’s OK. I may have the opportunity to fish a small river for trout and...
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    Lesson learned

    Thanks for your replies, here’s a bit more info. Leader Is 9ft Leeda 0.16 tippet is Maxima Ultragreen 0.15 both less than 3 months old. New tippet was tied on also a fly which was then placed in the keeper ring for the 5 minute walk to the next swim, so under a bit of tension for that time. I...
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    Lesson learned

    Tied on a 3ft length of tippet yesterday, cast out thought that looks odd, retrieved the line to see an absolute unholy mess. I couldn’t imagine how a 3ft new length could twist so many times and cause such a tangle. So of course I hadn’t stretched the line, lesson learned.
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    How would this fly box have changed

    The attached photos genuinely show my fly boxes from about 40 years ago. They were used on the Usk only and would probably have been tied by the legend that is Jean Williams at Sweets Tackle shop in Usk. Is the shop still going?? I’m also old enough to have seen Lionel Sweet competition casting...