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    Hitching flies

    Was wondering does anyone use the hitch technic I have seen it on DVD and would like to know what length of tippet to use as he did not state on the DVD
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    Shooting head line

    Thanks for the tips guys
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    Wader Help!!

    Been hearing good things about bison waders on other forums 100 quid for the waders and boots mite b worth a look
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    Partridge reel

    It's an s series 8/9 wieght the screw on spool release button shot of into the river on me I'm trying to add a pic but don't no how yet
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    Partridge reel

    Hi was wondering does anyone on the forum know where I could get a spare part for my reel I've tried partridge website with no joy I need the spool release button thanks
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    Shooting head line

    Was looking a bit of advice on shooting head line what is good value for mone I bought a bloke 15 foot 10/11 weight rod from a friend of my father and would like to know if any 1 on the forum uses a bloke rod with a shooting head and what they would recomend
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    parts for partridge fly reel

    ive probaly asked this before guys but i still havent been able to find any one who sells parts for partridge fly reels ive tried partridge themselves but as i dont know the exact name of the part i cant seem to get it on thier site ive tried ringing them but always get an answering machine its...
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    salmon virgin - worming

    like the guy said fixed spool and bouncing betty or if the water has a slow moving current i use a worm controler with a sliding float with the stop knot deeper than the river so the float drags the worm along behind it a proven killer on the river moy here in ireland.
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    partridge fly reel

    i was wondering does any one know were i could get spare parts for my partridge fly reel,as mt spool release button shot out and landed in the drink.any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.