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  1. bear

    10' 6wt

    Neutrino blank?
  2. bear

    Still Using Standard Arbour Reels?

    I’m just having a bit of a line / reel swap. Anyone still using standard arbour reels, specifically for still water? I seem to see less and less on the banks.
  3. bear

    Understanding flies

    Buzzers, slow to stop! Don’t be afraid to stick a couple under a bung, but probably only 2 on a small still water. Also check fishery rules.
  4. bear

    Shuttlecock - Yellow Owl Variant

    Just about to tie a few up and the only thing missing is yellow quill ! Rob, where do you source yours? The Polish Quills I have seem thinner and not so pronounced as yours.
  5. bear

    Understanding flies

    If I just had six flies to fish all year, any small still water, it would be: Gold head damsel Chartreuse cats whisker Black / green tadpole Size 10 black buzzer Foam daddy I’d concentrate on being on my toes looking for fish rather than being planted in one spot. Suck it up, fish into the...
  6. bear

    Lightweight fishing bag/satchel recommendations

    I’ve one of these, ideal small water bag. Satchel
  7. bear

    Large Crystal Hackle WTB

    Thanks Phil, appreciate that (y)
  8. bear

    Large Crystal Hackle WTB

    Thanks Phil, I know about those, they’re in my next Flybox order, but no lime green or olive, they’re the ones I’m struggling with 😬
  9. bear

    Large Crystal Hackle WTB

    I looked through their eBay listing, no can’t see any.
  10. bear

    Large Crystal Hackle WTB

    Trying to find large crystal hackle, not medium. Can’t seem to find stockist of green and olive. Flybox don’t have them it seems. Any suggestions?
  11. bear

    Help choosing a new rod please.

    Find the 5wt Demon sloppy, put a 4wt line on it. Find the 6wt Orvis too fast, put a 7wt on it. Casting lessons are way better than a new rod (still remember Hywel Morgan’s ‘Woolworths rod’ demonstrations 🤦🏼‍♂️) but some expert caster(s) at the factory decide the AFTM rating for us. We’re not...
  12. bear

    Seal Fur Supplier

    Thanks guys. I always thought Castle Feathers were more budget materials. Never used them, but I’ll give them a try 👍
  13. bear

    Seal Fur Supplier

    Any suggestions for a supplier of quality fur please? Looking for usual died colours for dries, fiery brown, claret, ginger and black. Thanks.
  14. bear

    Perch Advice

    Agreed, worms best, but take a few prawns. M&S better than Aldi’s 😜
  15. bear

    Fishing small stillwaters

    I’d start with a 2” gold bead damsel lure with some flash in the tail. Initially with a floater and then a fast glass, 8lb line. Then black / green or white / chartreuse lure (taddy or small snake). If I’m struggling, then out with the bloodworm / buzzer / okey dokey with a sightbob. I’d be...
  16. bear

    Loop AEG 9’6” 6wt

    Long shot, but worth a try. Ta 👍
  17. bear

    Guideline Stoked Outfit J.N.

    My newest rod must be 10+ years old, but I do wonder how these, let’s say entry and mid level rods, compare to my high end older rods. Is a 20 year old Sage XP or an Enigma EMG better than a new mid priced Guideline or Vision?
  18. bear


    Even I’d struggle to add the word ‘damsel’ to this 😂
  19. bear

    Vest Essentials..

    Big bag of Fox’s Glacier Fruits 👌
  20. bear

    Best Intermediate Line

    I have a few 40+ lines, from memory, some are ‘expert’ and some ‘extreme’. The extreme has a longer head I think?