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  1. cat whisker

    Diawa Era and Line rating

    My Daiwa Era is a 9ft #6 should I go for a #6 or #7 weight line? I was considering buying Airflo 40 + floating, intermediate & sinking lines for it?
  2. cat whisker

    CDC question

    When tying CDC patterns balloon style, how many CDC feathers do you use ?
  3. cat whisker

    Hook for Boobies

    What hooks do you use normally for Booby patterns? Would you use a Kamassan B175 or B160? :)
  4. cat whisker

    Carson Valley Rules

    Could someone steer me in the right direction on the use of boobies on Carron Valley. I thought they were not permitted but one of my mates has told me that they can be used. I have tried to find the rules on the website but can't find them? :)
  5. cat whisker

    Diawa New Era 10ft

    Has anyone bought one of these rods recently? One of my friends has told me that the 10ft model is infact 10ft 2" in length? :)
  6. cat whisker

    Airflo Platinum Flurocarbon

    I have just been having a look at GAC and Fishtec. They are selling Airflow Platinum for £4.99 and G3 £17.99 How has the platinum become so cheap? I was led to believe, it was the same line but under a different label? Is it rubbish that it is cheap as chips?:omg:
  7. cat whisker

    T Shirt Paint on Buzzers

    What is the correct way to paint eyes on buzzers with T shirt Paint? Should I put the paint directly onto the thread and leave to dry and then repaint or should I varnish buzzer then apply T shirt paint for eyes?:)
  8. cat whisker

    Seat Box/Rod Holder

    Has anyone devised a method as to how to carry/secure rods on a seat box. I am tired of being over laden with gear and reckon carrying the gear would be so much easier if I could fix the rod on to my box :)
  9. cat whisker

    Greys xf2 rods

    What are the current thoughts on the Greys XF2 range of rods? I was having a look at the Greys XF2 10ft 7# & 10ft 8# rods. Tight lines :)
  10. cat whisker

    "Action On The Lake of Menteith"

  11. cat whisker

    "In The Net"

    Here is another image taken at the Lake of Menteith recently - "In the Net"
  12. cat whisker

    Lake of Menteith

    The Lake of Menteith
  13. cat whisker

    Double Hook up

    Double Hook up on The Lake of Menteith
  14. cat whisker

    Airflo Platinum Flourocarbon

    Most people have their trusted favourite in leader materials. I have thought about trying out the Airflo Platinum Fluorocarbon. Has anyone tried it and how does it compare to other makes of Fluorocarbon such as the Airflo Sightfree G3 or Fulling Mill etc? :)
  15. cat whisker

    Grafham Killer Shrimp Variant

    Just heard back from one of my pals who has been trying out these bad boys recently on overwintered bows. They worked a treat apparently :)
  16. cat whisker

    Boat Net

    As some fisheries supply nets to anglers when out fishing which is terrific but some fisheries don't, so what net would you recommend for boat fishing? What is the Fastnet Hywel Morgan Boat Net like compared to the Wychwood Boatman Net?
  17. cat whisker

    Whats better for Booby Eyes

    What is better for Booby Eyes Plasterzote foam or Floozeyes?
  18. cat whisker

    Dubbing Rake/Teaser

    Can anyone recommend a good dubbing rake/teaser?
  19. cat whisker

    Partridge L5A

    I am sure someone will have tried these hooks? What are they like? Any feedback would be appreciated on these hooks :)
  20. cat whisker

    C&F Bobbin Holder

    How do you rate the C&F Bobbing holders? I am considering buying one but before I shell out £30 I just want to check what people think of them :) What sizes of threads should be used for the Standard or Standard/long and Midge?