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  1. UV HOG

    UV Rootbeer buzzer.

    Another cracker pal. It won't be long until the rootbeer's nearly finished:eek::D
  2. UV HOG

    Orange flee wi' legs

    A certainty for June pal. :thumbs:
  3. UV HOG

    Some midge

    Nice work Scott. Orkney in mind?:D Sure they will work a treat:thumbs:
  4. UV HOG


    AYE no bad mate:D
  5. UV HOG

    A big well done lads

    Cheers lads it was great to get the result. :):thumbs:
  6. UV HOG

    Its been a while,,,,

    Will get back to you next week. Probably go for September. Will give you an update soon pal.:)
  7. UV HOG

    Its been a while,,,,

    O Aye Stunning Pal. Fish food.:eek::D
  8. UV HOG

    Harelaw Trout Fishery

    Well done Wullie, some lovely looking troot there. Top of the water.MAGIC:thumbs:
  9. UV HOG

    One more for Orkney

    Nice one gary, see you tomorrow pal. Hope you've tyed plenty for the lads:D:thumbs:
  10. UV HOG

    2 sleeps till Orkney

    Canny wait bring it on.WOOOOOOO:D
  11. UV HOG

    Muddlers & hogs..

    Spot on. Nice tyings:thumbs:
  12. UV HOG

    A wee one for the Loch

    Cracker. That will also work well on Harry in June:thumbs Mind rattle up a good few, they will be torn to shreds.
  13. UV HOG

    Hog and muddler

    Nice Tyings Scott
  14. UV HOG

    One from this morning

    Another quality tying pal:thumbs:
  15. UV HOG

    dying [first attempt]

    Eck, Funny you've mentioned that, we were just talking about that yesterday. Next batch will be well and truly pressed. Will also try the 50/50 glycerine and surgical spirt mix brushed onto the skin. Was an excellent Dying SBS you did.:thumbs: I might have to buy another hair dryer. The girls...
  16. UV HOG

    dying [first attempt]

    Here's another few pics of our dying exploits A couple of dyed saddles. Again, there's a hint of WOI.
  17. UV HOG

    dying [first attempt]

    Yip, pleased with the way they turned out pal. The colours stand out well.:thumbs:
  18. UV HOG

    One on the klink.

    Mind the dries for tomorrow night pal. Blooming Nice Troot. :thumbs:
  19. UV HOG

    Stonefly Line Tray

    Stonefly Line Tray For Sale. £15 posted. PM if interested. Mint Condition NOW SOLD Cheers Alan
  20. UV HOG

    MK1 Greys Greyflex 11'3 #5/6

    Rod Now Sold Apologies Salmon Bob