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  1. JeffR

    permission to stock a river.

    Stocking breeding fish to re-establish a declining or missing wild trout population, or after a pollution incident is one thing. But stocking triploids into rivers with a good head of wild trout already, just to give people some easy fishing is now generally regarded as harmful to the wild fish...
  2. JeffR

    Miami in May

    We were in the Keys in August and, on recommendation from an angling pal who has also has a house in Florida and fishes there a lot, my lad and I had a day out with Capt Steve Lavoie, out of Worldwide Sportsman wharf at Islamorada. He even dropped us back at our lodgings in Tavernier as he...
  3. JeffR

    Rod Rings when using braid.

    You can get a half decent new spinning rod for not much more than £30.... If you really do want to use your old rod stick to nylon rather than braid
  4. JeffR

    Swan shot

    Yes my grayling floats (for use with centrepin) are various sticks, avons and pacemakers in sizes 3-6BB
  5. JeffR

    Swan shot

    As per above, I've always thought SG was swan shot, SSG was another size up Super SG basically (not sure if thats what the actual letters stand for although swan/goose sounds logical) You can certainly buy SG and SSG tubs and the latter are bigger.
  6. JeffR

    New SKB Winston green reel. # 4/5

    I've got one of those too but mine must be slighter smaller as its pretty much full with #4 DT
  7. JeffR

    How do you induce takes & improve hook-hold?

    Oh yeah, didn't spot that, I'd made a similar comment though to be fair. Whilst I was replying though it dawned on me that its using a fly line that I like, ie that style of fishing. Hadn't consciously thought about it before. In fact once the trout season has stopped and "casting a fly/nymph"...
  8. JeffR

    How do you induce takes & improve hook-hold?

    Fair question if you mean my comment Mike - I should have said I just like (rather than prefer) fishing with a fly line, which I can cast if I want to. That said, I have tried F/L, its just tenkara I haven't tried. One reason I like using a fly rod/line/reel and fly casting when fly fishing is...
  9. JeffR

    For lovers of trouting in S Wales...

    Nice bit of film and local history that. Done the Heads of the Valleys road a few times for work, although not for a while now, but my daughter now lives in Cardiff and works for Welsh Water so covers the turf. Down there again a couple of weeks helping her move flat. Don't think I can squeeze...
  10. JeffR

    How do you induce takes & improve hook-hold?

    Excellent video that, thanks. Even though I still prefer to use a fly reel and fly line (I just prefer it, thats all) there a couple of fundamental points well made: - the need to strike: This is where I was repeatedly guilty until the penny dropped last year. Pre-fly fishing I used to fish...
  11. JeffR

    OMG new orvis catalogue

    Oh yeah, forgot that one as well! Even though we don't have a dog any more...
  12. JeffR

    OMG new orvis catalogue

    They have lots of different catalogues. We now end up getting a Mens Clothing one, a Womens Clothing one and the Fishing Tackle one. Then sometimes they have a bumper one with them all in. Keeps me in firelighters anyway. I do like Orvis stuff I must admit, the fishing gear and some of the...
  13. JeffR

    Leeda Volare Ruckvest I bought this about 6 months ago - its a rather neat ruck-vest affair, with a good sized backpack and detachable zip-up vest...
  14. JeffR

    Echo sounders

    Cheers, bought one yesterday, got it today thanks to Amazon Prime:D Will be giving it a test off the boat at the Perch day at Blithfield Ressie on Saturday.
  15. JeffR

    Echo sounders

    Sounds like the Deeper Pro...but a lot cheaper! Thanks:thumbs:
  16. JeffR

    Fish the fast water, they all say

    In the warmer months the rough/faster water does usually hold a good selection of fish, who you can get a bit closer to and who also don't have time to ignore food going past their noses. However, the most effective method for me is a team of two flies, the top one being a dry (typically a...
  17. JeffR

    Echo sounders

    I've been pondering the same question, but not just for a boat as I was thinking of one for coarse fishing too. I quite like the look of these Deeeper Pro+ models, which you can cast from the bank to map out depths and features a well as locating fish. They connect wirelessly to your phone via...
  18. JeffR

    Mr Trout

    Ah, but the company's always good :D
  19. JeffR

    Mr Trout

    Steven's furled leaders are indeed excellent and reliable.....unlike his ability to predict a "good evening rise" on the Eden, which, bar one legendary year, always lives down to expectations :omg::D
  20. JeffR

    The River Runs Through It - 25 Years Later

    Love that film and also the book, thanks for the added insights, fascinating. I use the term "Shadow cast" when I completely stuff it up and have line wafting about all over the shop :D