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  1. baca157

    Benchill 3/0 (Hale)

    I finally managed to sit at the vice to finish this fly. Started two months ago and got stuck at the wing and gave up. It eventually took me 13 attempts and three wasted sets of wings before I was reasonable happy with it….Wing is tied tips down. Anyhow, here it is. Benchill, Hale’s version...
  2. baca157

    Silver Grey (Kelson)

    First salmon fly since May. I have been slacking for far too long. Plenty wrong with it but the rust will wear off (I hope). Tied on Byron Bjerke hook at 2/0. Few first for me: First time tippets in strands, first time wing tied tips down first time used shellac for the head, although it’s...
  3. baca157

    Single Bank Fishing Scotland - What is the Law?

    Hi all, Does someone have a reliable source on what is the exact law in Scotland for single bank fishing? Is fishing permitted only to the middle of the river? What about access? Is it possible to access water from the other bank, wade across and fish from the middle? What about a situation...
  4. baca157

    Salmon, Seatrout or big Rainbow?

    Hi all, I need some advice. A friend of mine caught this fish in the Clyde on a streamer. My first thought was that this is a huge rainbow trout but I never came across rainbows in the Clyde. Could it be a salmon? Looks a bit too chunky for a salmon but I thought I’d ask for some expert...
  5. baca157

    The Major (Tolfrey)

    Got some Snipe feathers recently kindly donated by a fellow tier so had to do this one. Tied at 5/0 on Cosimo Raia hook. Looks easy but for some reason I found this fly really difficult to tie. I tried to make it look as close to the plate as possible. I am quite pleased with the result. Also...
  6. baca157

    Another Green Highlander (Pryce-Tannatt)

    Green Highlander again. My 4th attempt at this fly, third time Pryce-Tannat version. I think I must like it. This one is special for me as it has been tied for The Green Highlander Project, and will be sent to Yasuhiro Ogasawara in Japan (he made the hook) to be framed among many other GHs tied...
  7. baca157

    Mullet on the fly in Scotland?

    Hi there, Anyone tried fishing for Grey Mullet in Scotland? I really want to have a go at trying to catch them but I am not sure if this is feasible so far North. I know there are plenty places in England and Wales but I am struggling to find any information on mullet fishing in Scotland. Any...
  8. baca157

    A few nymphs

    I took a wee break from tying classic salmon flies in order to replenish my heavy nymphs supply for next season. I looked through my nymph box and counted well over 50 different patterns in it. The thing is that most of them never made it onto the end of the line. I realised that I only used...
  9. baca157

    Torrish (Pryce-Tannatt)

    First salmon fly for me for a while so feeling a bit rusty. Started this in November but then didn‘t have much time or energy to finish it so it was just sitting there half finished for well over a month. Anyhow, here it is. Quite pleased with it. Maybe a tad too long but, then again...
  10. baca157

    Queen of Spring

    First salmon fly for a while so not entirely happy with it but here it goes. This is the Kelson version tied on a 3/0 (hope you approve of the hook choice Mark;)). This was my second attempt at this fly - first one got chewed by a moth larva:mad:. They always go for flies with Jay first, greedy...
  11. baca157

    Lady Amherst (Hardy)

    First salmon fly for me since July (more fishing, less tying). This is the Hardy version, tied on 4/0 Partridge Pryce-Tannatt hook. First time I tied a body with a single layer of tinsel (as it should be) and quite pleased with how it turned out. Will add the dressing tomorrow. Thanks for...
  12. baca157

    Green Highlander

    Had this sitting in the vice unfinished for almost a month. Tyer’s block, I think. My third attempt at this fly, Pryce-Tannatt version again. Tied on 5/0 so quite big for me and not entirely sure I got the proportions right. Seems a bit too slick for such a monster hook. Anyhow, here it is...
  13. baca157

    Pearsall’s Gossamer colour ID

    Hi all, Could you please help me identify the colour numbers for these Pearsall’s silks? Cheers, Sebastian
  14. baca157


    My second attempt at Gordon, this time it’s Pryce-Tannatt version. Tied on Partridge Pryce-Tannatt hook at 3/0. Dressing in the background (well, bits of it anyway). Underwing is a tad too long but otherwise I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Sebastian
  15. baca157

    Mar Lodge

    Thought I’ll tie something simple for a change:LOL:. This is Pryce-Tannatt version minus the Cinnamon Turkey as I have none. Tied on a 1/0 hook of unknown provenance. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Sebastian
  16. baca157

    Jock Scott (Pryce-Tannatt)

    My first attempt at this iconic fly. Now I understand why it is considered one of the most difficult patterns to tie. There was a lot of cursing involved in making this one. The underwing could have been shorter (or the wing longer), my “toucan” weillings decided not to play ball and went all...
  17. baca157

    Pearsall’s thread sub?

    Came across this company when looking for silk floss for salmon flies. I notice that they produce what looks pretty similar to Pearsall’s threads. They have a separate section for fishing colours. All produced in the UK. I ordered some floss and if it‘s good may try the tread next (y)...
  18. baca157

    Stockpiling flytying materials

    How many of you have been stockpiling flytying materials? I just contacted a well known supplier of game feathers to get a few usual bits and bobs and got a reply that most of it is not available:mad: First they came for the bog roll, then the soap quickly followed by all the food and now fly...
  19. baca157

    Winterton (Wingman)

    First fly since early Feb so a bit rusty but quite pleased with it. Finally getting the hang of the winging technique. Tail could have been a bit lower and that topping could have been tighter against the wing but hey ho - can’t win them all:cool: Not sure who’s version it is but since I...
  20. baca157

    Looking for someone who could dye some feathers

    Hi all, I have 10 pairs of white turkey tail feathers which I would like to dye yellow, red and blue. Sadly, I don’t have the skill to do that. I know that there are some really skilled dyers in here so I wonder if someone would accept a wee custom order from me? Cheers, Sebastian