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  1. stella

    Wanted - blue stuff

    Does anyone know where I can get some blue fritz and marabou from? All suggestions welcome.
  2. stella

    Spot the difference.

    Saw these two images on ebay. Any comments?
  3. stella

    squishing flies

    Just got this 'tip' in a news letter from The Fly Factory. Tip of the Month from North Wales Fly Fishing School - Using a plant to rub onto the fly after tying or handling your fly will mask any human scent, also look for insects locally catch one and squeeze the...
  4. stella

    'Insane' Sewin

    :) Some good news for a change.
  5. stella

    Orvis wonderline. (not)

    Just read the thread on the airflo floater. Does anyone else have the same problem with The Orvis 'wonderline'? I got one free with T&S and tried it yesterday. Piece of absolute cr*p. More coils that Mr Coils from Coily land. Trouble is I'd already cut off the welded loop and put on a braded...
  6. stella

    Fishing near Swansea

    I have a few hours in Swansea next week and I'm looking to spend some of the time fishing. Can anyone suggest anywhere within 10 miles of swansea? Probably a stillwater rather than a river due to time constraints. Thanks
  7. stella

    wanted yellow stren

    Can someone help me? I've been trying to get hold of some yellow mono. 6lb / .20. I ordered some Asso diamond from an Italian website to be told sorry not in stock. Ditto some Stren I ordered from a Scottish tackle co. So, can anyone tell me where i can get some yellow stren (or Asso...
  8. stella

    Bad news for fishing in France

    This looks like bad news.. Anyone fished the area?
  9. stella

    Emperor's New Clothes Buzzer

    I've been catching a lot of fish recently on a new buzzer I've just started using. I was going to enter it for the Buzzer comp but I thought i would share it with you instead. It has just landed three this morning when the going was a bit tough. So, it may be of may not. The Emperor's...
  10. stella


    I'm hoping to squeeze in a few hours fishing when I'm up in Sheffield for the next few days. Anyone know how Barlow is fishing at the moment? Cheers.
  11. stella

    The EA. North Wales. Today.

    Just got off the phone with my brother comparing fishing today. He was up at a small fishery near Wrexham this afternoon when 4 EA officers descended asking for licences. ( he was the only person there). He got chatting with one of them and she said it was the 6th place they'd been to today and...
  12. stella

    Under the waders.

    Just a quick question. What do you wear under your breathable waders this time of bloody freezing. Last time out I wore my thermals then a pair of cotton tracksuit trousers. Trouble is they got soaked in sweat. (not nice I know). I then read you shouldn't wear natural fibres under...
  13. stella

    The Clerette.

    I'm off to normandy for a few days and I've found out the place we're staying is on the banks of The Clerette north of Rouen. (I'm not sure if it's stream or river) has anyone heard of it or even fished it. Any advice gratefuly received. :D
  14. stella

    Manchester Fisheries

    I'm off up to Manchester for a few days visit this Summer. I'm staying in North manchester and was thinking of going to Pennine until I read the thread in Stillwater fisheries. Is the place worth fishing? If not does anyone know anything about Clegg Hall? I know Stocks is good but I'm on...
  15. stella

    Not another perch. Lets eat.

    Don't you just hate it. Another keepnet full of those pesky little perch... Hey, don't fret. Perch with tomato and capers. Ingredients 5 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped salt and freshly ground black pepper 4 x 250g/9oz perch fillets plain flour, for coating 900ml/1½ pints tomato...
  16. stella

    Don't carp - eat.

    Great. A wonderful new addition to our FLY forum. And long may it last.;) So you've trotted your maggot or ledgered your boilie.. Now what do you do with the catch...... Let me suggest........ CARP TACOS Carp Tacos Ingredients • 1 pound ground carp • 3 Tablespoons vegetable oil • 1 package...
  17. stella

    Flexi-stripper extension?

    A few months ago there was talk of an extension being made to fit the flexi-stripper after a few people found the line tray a bit on the small side. Did anything come of this? Cheers.
  18. stella

    The Drift

    I'm off to Cornwall this summer - does anyone have any information about a place near Penzance called the Drift? Thanks :D
  19. stella

    Not New Zealand but......

    I'm about to fish a small river and am having trouble tying on a small nymph New Zealand style under a small dry. I use a grinner knot to tie my dry fly to my leader. Could I just leave a long bit left over and tie the nymph onto that? (I know I could but would it work?) Advice, as always...
  20. stella

    march brown travel rods

    I'm still looking around for a short, light brook rod. (6'6" 3wt). Ive looked at the streamflex and I've notice March Brown advertise on this site. Does anyone know anything about them/used their rods etc. Any help much appreciated. (PM me if you'd rather)