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  1. john10001

    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    What rod would you recommend for fishing rivers that is 9ft and #6 weight and have a slower action? Is there anything out there that is good value? Does anyone make anything similar to the old Vision Cult rods? I am not sure if this was replaced by anything else? I presume it was discontinued?
  2. john10001

    Spiders for Summer

    So. Where or who can I buy some nice spiders from for Grayling fishing in a couple of months time?
  3. john10001

    EA Rod License rather expensive

    The EA Rod Licence has increased 11% in price to a whopping £82. Is it time that they gave a monthly payment option so you can spread the payments out? Or should the License be scrapped altogether? :whistle:
  4. john10001

    Chelker Reservoir fishing rights?

    I seem to recall that the fishing rights on Chelker belonged or used to belong to a club called "Etonians" or something like this but I am unable to find anything about them. Can anyone confirm if this is still the case? I know the reservoir is owned by Yorkshire Water but it is very difficult...
  5. john10001

    Best place to head for a Springer?

    What rivers would you recommend to head to for the best chance of a Springer in Britain and what would the costs be to fish there?
  6. john10001

    eMagazines & Buoyancy Aids

    Does anyone know if there are many fly fishing magazines that have now gone digital? I used to get TF a lot and also T&S sometimes as well but I am unable to see much available on my Nook or even on Amazon for that matter. I did see Fly Fisherman on Nook but this seems to be a bi-Monthly...
  7. john10001

    grayling near mansfield

    Can anyone tell me if there are any places worth fishing for grayling near Sherwood Forest? I'm going there with family for a week. Cheers!
  8. john10001

    fishing near Sherwood Forest

    Can anyone tell me if there are any places worth fishing at this time of year near Sherwood Forest? I'm going there with family for a week. If it gets too much will slip away for a quiet bit of fishing :) Any reservoirs for stockies or rivers for grayling?
  9. john10001

    Welsh Rivers end of September?

    I may be able to get away for small break at the end of September to Shropshire area with family. Just wondering what rivers in Wales either West, South West or North West of there would offer good proposition of hooking into Sewin or Salmon round that time? I'm generally thinking the latter...
  10. john10001

    Vest recommendation and waist bag

    Can anyone recommend any particular fly fishing vest to me and also those small waist bags? Preferably a vest that is quite breathable.
  11. john10001

    What net do you use?

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in General or the Gear board but I opted for this one. I am interested to know what Net you use when you're out in the river fishing for brownies/grayling and also when you fish for bigger migratories? In particular interested to know what wading jacket/vest you...
  12. john10001

    Urban Trout Fishing at Manchester Airport

    Great article on the comeback of Urban Trout Fishing on Yahoo News: Ever tried trout fishing at Manchester Airport? - Yahoo! News UK Might have to give Runway 2 a go! Why does Manchester have the best scummy waters? ;) John
  13. john10001

    The Balkans

    Has anyone done any flyfishing in the Balkans in particular Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia? Just wondered where you went, how much it cost, and what you need to do for licenses or permits? Are any required? Finally, what's the fishing like and what did you catch?
  14. john10001

    Blanked on the Northie

    I blanked last week on the North Esk the Burn beat. I don't have a clue what I was doing wrong if anything but I tried and offered everything to them, they were just not interested though. I noticed in the record of catches that the last dozen or so caught had all been caught on spinners. I'm...
  15. john10001

    Shooting Head Rod

    Can anyone recommend a good value double handed shooting head/skagit rod around 12 foot and 8 to 9 weight?
  16. john10001

    Petzl Head Lamps for night time fishing

    What do you recommend from the Petzl range of headlamps to use for night time fishing? They seem to have quite a bit of choice. I'm guessing anyone who has one will use it with the red led at night time so not to alarm/disturb any sea trout? I'm not sure though whether it is a red...
  17. john10001

    North Wales Rivers

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  18. john10001

    What rod are you fishing with?

    Just wondered what rod you guys are fishing with at the moment? I'm looking for something around the 13ft #9 mark, but want a rod that is 4 pieces or more and has a through action, not fast. Can anyone recommend the Scierra Ferox (13' #9) or Matuka (12'9" #9)? They seem to be on sale at the...
  19. john10001

    Costs for going shooting?

    After the fishing season ends this year I wouldn't mind going shooting up in Scotland when Grouse season opens up. I believe it is around the time fishing season ends or just before that which is quite handy. For a complete novice who has never done any shooting before and doesn't know the...
  20. john10001

    Salmon Rod, Spey Casting, Rain

    Three quick ones off the bat... Any good 13ft dh salmon rods that break down into several pieces? I'm not liking the 3 or 4 peice rods I mostly see because they wont fit in the boot of my car and not easy to transport on foot either. If I want a spey casting lesson is there anywhere you'd...