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  1. john10001

    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    What rod would you recommend for fishing rivers that is 9ft and #6 weight and have a slower action? Is there anything out there that is good value? Does anyone make anything similar to the old Vision Cult rods? I am not sure if this was replaced by anything else? I presume it was discontinued?
  2. john10001

    What wild salmon are up against, please read

    It's sad that so many people have so much faith and trust in government. They do most things very badly.
  3. john10001

    Spiders for Summer

    I had a small vice thing when I was really young and gave it a blast. It just wasn't for me. You should have seen the concoction I made. It was like a Gremlins cocoon. Maybe at some stage in the future I will give it another go. I just don't have the time for it right now.
  4. john10001

    Spiders for Summer

    So. Where or who can I buy some nice spiders from for Grayling fishing in a couple of months time?
  5. john10001

    EA Rod License rather expensive

    Like wiping out an entire and unique species of Charr in Lyn Padarn in Wales, lying about it and covering it up for Welsh Water? :wine: ---------- Post added at 02:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:24 PM ---------- The EA does nothing useful whatsoever. We should get rid of it and...
  6. john10001

    EA Rod License rather expensive

    The EA Rod Licence has increased 11% in price to a whopping £82. Is it time that they gave a monthly payment option so you can spread the payments out? Or should the License be scrapped altogether? :whistle:
  7. john10001

    Chelker Reservoir fishing rights?

    I seem to recall that the fishing rights on Chelker belonged or used to belong to a club called "Etonians" or something like this but I am unable to find anything about them. Can anyone confirm if this is still the case? I know the reservoir is owned by Yorkshire Water but it is very difficult...
  8. john10001


    Can anyone tell me how Ladybower is fishing at the moment and what the costs are to fish there? I've not been able to get on their website as it appears to be down at the moment.
  9. john10001

    Best place to head for a Springer?

    What rivers would you recommend to head to for the best chance of a Springer in Britain and what would the costs be to fish there?
  10. john10001

    eMagazines & Buoyancy Aids

    Does anyone know if there are many fly fishing magazines that have now gone digital? I used to get TF a lot and also T&S sometimes as well but I am unable to see much available on my Nook or even on Amazon for that matter. I did see Fly Fisherman on Nook but this seems to be a bi-Monthly...
  11. john10001

    The one rod to rule them all

    Vision Cult 9' #6
  12. john10001

    grayling near mansfield

    Can anyone tell me if there are any places worth fishing for grayling near Sherwood Forest? I'm going there with family for a week. Cheers!
  13. john10001

    What's you favourite brand of rod

    I like and own Vision and Sonik rods. I'd like to own another Vision rod, plus I wouldn't mind owning a Sage and Loop. Can't afford atm though :(
  14. john10001

    fishing near Sherwood Forest

    Can anyone tell me if there are any places worth fishing at this time of year near Sherwood Forest? I'm going there with family for a week. If it gets too much will slip away for a quiet bit of fishing :) Any reservoirs for stockies or rivers for grayling?
  15. john10001

    Yorkshire Waters

    Nice one! Which part of the Wharf was it? Pool?
  16. john10001

    Salmon Rod Catch Statistics 2011 Scotland England and Wales

    They'd have seven times the number of catches on the Y'than if they did something about these fxxx3rs! They're like **** U-boats lined up waiting to pick off our quarry.
  17. john10001

    My new fly-fishing blog (in Franch) is live!

    Great work! I don't hear too much of the game fishing on the continent except for the odd few posts on the Ebro and its Catfish, Zander, Carp and other coarse fish. Basque country looks great.
  18. john10001

    New Severn Estuary Barrage

    From the Wiki page the list of backers and opponents could be useful: Backers The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair [54] (who backed it in the last weeks of his tenure) The former Secretary of State for Wales, Peter Hain The Welsh Assembly The Commons Welsh Affairs Select...
  19. john10001

    Worms found in salmons flesh. ID needed

    They look like Acorn Worms.
  20. john10001

    Welsh Rivers end of September?

    I may be able to get away for small break at the end of September to Shropshire area with family. Just wondering what rivers in Wales either West, South West or North West of there would offer good proposition of hooking into Sewin or Salmon round that time? I'm generally thinking the latter...