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  1. Rob Edmunds

    Fishing from Grafham Dam Suspended and under threat !

    I've just been informed that as of 29th November there will be "No Fishing" from Grafham Dam. It seems a "walker" was caught in the face by an angler, so fishing will be suspended from the Dam - Anglian Water are asking for anglers comments by 20th December after which a statement will be made...
  2. Rob Edmunds

    Carbon Fibre Handles

    Carbon fly rod handles are becoming more popular but I still have reservations, is it just another load of marketing hype from the tackle industry ?? Has anyone tried them ? Are they more sensitive ( than cork) as claimed? Do they last well, are they robust? Do they slip in your hand when...
  3. Rob Edmunds

    Vision XLV #7/8 New in box

    SOLD Unwanted prize - brand new in box # 7/8 £125 Posted UK only
  4. Rob Edmunds


    Does anyone have any experience or recommendations they care to share with me ?. I'm looking to visit Canada in 2022 with my wife and son specifically for a fishing holiday. ...a log cabin, river and a lake in the middle of nowhere would be ideal for us.. Thanks Rob
  5. Rob Edmunds

    Scierra Traxion II 7/9 New

    Brand new in box Scierra Traxion 2 Fly Reel #7/9 ( Black) £60 posted Please just message me if interested.. Cheers Rob
  6. Rob Edmunds


    Sold 10ft #7 weight brand new . Unwanted Prize £250...selling for my son. Cheers Rob
  7. Rob Edmunds

    SOLD Airflo Superstick 2 Comp Special 10ft #6 Brand New

    Sold **** Unwanted Prize, brand new in tube not even opened 10ft #6 weight Comp Special 4 piece in tube etc.. £95 posted or collected from Grafham, Peterborough, Thrapston £90 Cheers Rob
  8. Rob Edmunds


    Just back from a 2 week fish-a-thon with my wife and son. We initially fished Clywedog for 3 days and after the recent hot weather the vast majority of the fish were deep Di8's with Cormorants and boobies was the way to go some 25 to 40 seconds down depending on wind speed. The Cages and...
  9. Rob Edmunds

    Cheap Lever Vice

    Selling a lever vice, that's basically a Regal copy. It's used and has scrapes but is in good working order with a 8lb stone pedestal base ( with felt bottom) so it won't tip or scratch the table. Holds hooks very well as you can see from the bent out B175. £20 Too heavy to post so buyer...
  10. Rob Edmunds

    Scierra HM2 9 ft 9" #9 3 piece

    For sale my Scierra HM2 9ft 9" #9 ( 3 piece) It's in good condition and a cracking rod for Predator fishing, SWFF or shooting heads. Comes with the Scierra Rod Tube but not the internal rod bag ( sorry I lost that) £50 posted - UK only. Photos on request Cheers Rob
  11. Rob Edmunds

    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    Just a topic for discussion really, no right or wrong answers and not intending to cause an argument........But I think there is a lot of tackle that doesn't get the kudos/respect it deserves for one reason or another and equally a lot of tackle that just gets too much. I'll...
  12. Rob Edmunds

    Carsington & Blithfield

    We decided to have a weekend away for a change and fish waters we don't usually visit that frequently. Friday and it was Blithfield, 24c , 3mph winds and not a cloud in the sky. The water was a "tea stained" colour with around 7ft visibility very similar to many of the Welsh waters We...
  13. Rob Edmunds

    SOLD Scierra SRX 10ft #8 Competition £95 posted - NEW

    SOLD - Scierra SRX Competition 10ft #8 4pc Condition is Brand "New" Unwanted Prize grab a bargain £95 posted ( UK mainland only) or collect from Thrapston Any questions please ask Cheers Rob
  14. Rob Edmunds

    SOLD FNF Sneaky Tip 7ft 1.5" per second WF8

    SOLD £30 Posted - Brand New unopened. FNF Sneaky Tip 7ft Fast ( 1.5" per second sink rate on 7 ft tip) FNF "Sneaky Tips" are made by RIO, it's their answer to the Airflo Mini Tip range. WF8 in Light Olive absolutely cracking line for the "washing line" or deep buzzers...
  15. Rob Edmunds

    SOLD Dynaking Kingfisher Vice £90 posted ..

    SOLD Very good condition, Jaws and lever/cam replaced last year by Dynaking as I sent it back to USA for service. Dynaking also fitted a Delrin knob upgrade on the side ( black) that allows a type of rotary function, although the original screw is also available should you want it back to...
  16. Rob Edmunds

    Midlands Reservoirs

    I've been out a fair bit over the last 3 weeks on Rutland, Grafham, Pitsford, Ravensthope and Draycote. It's been a simular story on all the waters. ( except Rutland where the fish are mostly 5 to 30m out in 8 to 10ft of water) The water clarity is around 12 to 15ft everywhere so very...
  17. Rob Edmunds

    The Truth About Fluorescents - Thomas Clegg

    I don't suppose anyone has a copy of this book, or has read it?? Or knows how to find a copy. Cheers Rob
  18. Rob Edmunds

    Nugget Nemo

    Tied up a few weighted "Nemo" variants this afternoon for early season when you need to fish that bit deeper......well 15ft down 😉 Nice and heavy, nice big profile to stand out at depth, plenty of colour too. A nymph that works like a lure for those traditionalists. Hook: Size 10 Fulling Mill...
  19. Rob Edmunds


    Got bored this morning so knocked up a few booby eyes for the coming match season. Range of different sizes on different sized hooks. Lockdown is boring
  20. Rob Edmunds

    New Graeme Robinson Reel

    My lad and I had a walk along the local river Nene this morning, along with the new reel ...