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  1. splashtestdummy

    Marco Polo Fly Tying Kit

    SOLD - Marco Polo Fly Tying Kit SOLD - thanks for looking Hi folks, I need some new wheels for my push bike, haven't given up on fly fishing / tying for ever but will be occupied for some time yet, so it's a reluctant sale of my Marco Polo fly tying kit. £200 ono, + whatever Royal Mail...
  2. splashtestdummy

    Orvis Battenkill LA I

    A four spoke Orvis Battenkill LA 1. Listed as line sizes 1-2, which is suitable for small stream use but will take a larger line if you're say using half a double taper and fine backing, which is the way it is set up here; this one was used for 3 WT French Nymphing use but I no longer travel...
  3. splashtestdummy

    Greys Streamflex 10ft #4

    SOLD - Greys Streamflex 10ft #4 Greys Streamflex 10ft #4 needs a good home - hardly used (I'm a bit of a 'dray flay' man on the quiet). £100 plus whatever postage you'd like. Thanks for looking.
  4. splashtestdummy

    New Boxed Scierra C-Lite 7-9

    SOLD - New Boxed Scierra C-Lite 7-9 Unwanted gift, sat on the shelf here, never been used, £40 posted ('via Royal Mail First Class Recorded Signed For'). - SOLD Paypal or cheque, buyer to pay any fees. Please PM, thanks for looking, Toby.
  5. splashtestdummy

    Back to Basics (again).

    I was having a conversation with one of my buddies about fly tying last night, we were discussing why people fly tie and what motivates them – we concluded that whilst a lot of the time people tie and show other people flies that can look spectacular, demonstrating all sorts of wondrous...
  6. splashtestdummy

    Help with nymph ID please

    Not sure what this is - would have said Flat Bodied Heptageniidae Nymph at first glance but the macro lens allows you to see the proportions better, which don't appear to be correct for that conclusion; first one of these I've come across whilst sampling. Any pointers please?
  7. splashtestdummy

    Sampling partner swinging the lead?

    Since I lost my sampling side kick (to a fancy new globe trotting job ... sorry NickS :p ) ; keeping the momentum of Riverfly Monitoring up has been a bit of a push but I've got through the cold months and the river is beginning to wake up nicely now. Today I thought it a good time to train...
  8. splashtestdummy

    Lot #181 Grayling Flies, Leader & Indicators

    Lot #181 Grayling Flies, Leader & Indicators - all proceeds go to Let's Tackle Cancer. 32 assorted Grayling flies kindly donated by forum members participating in a recent fly swap. + 2 of SharkeyP's Hi-Viz Indicators (6'' and 8''). + 1 Hends Camou French Leader (9 Metre). End date Midnight...
  9. splashtestdummy

    Swap Time - Grayling Flies

    Autumn / Winter River Flies Swap (with one fly donated to charity for auction in Mr T's 'Let's Tackle Cancer' series) - Grayling Flies. Start date 22nd September 2011 - end date 22nd October 2011. Level loosely described as intermediate, quality being the main aim. 11 participant flies and 2...
  10. splashtestdummy


    Planning a trip to the Moidart area late summer, fine place for family hols, scenery and nature I know but I'm thinking perhaps a couple of fishing trips in the area are in order as well, any suggestions of where and how would be greatly appreciated. Never been to that part of the country so...
  11. splashtestdummy

    Charmouth & Surrounding Area - Dorset

    Does anyone have any pointers on potential river or stream fishing available on a day ticket in the area? Any help appreciated. :thumbs:
  12. splashtestdummy

    Lot # 77 Salmon Flies

    Two number of 1973Dereks Salmon flies: Auction ends midnight 31st March 2011.
  13. splashtestdummy

    Lot # 76 Assorted river flies.

    22 assorted dry flies and nymphs donated from a recent fly swap: Splashtestdummy x2 x1 1973Dereks x2 Tafftastic x2 Christy27 x2 x1 Squeeks x2 x1 DuttonTom x2 Buzz x2 x1 Troutbumnathan x2 x1 This auction ends at midnight on the 31tst March 2011.
  14. splashtestdummy

    Softmouth Series Swap - New Season River Flies

    New Season River Flies Swap (extra flies donated to an auction fly box for the WTT / Softmouth Trout and Mr Trout's Cancer appeal). 8 fly tyers each tie 12 flies. The techy bit: tie 10 of the same core flies + 2 'specials' of a different type for variety (the specials can be any type and...
  15. splashtestdummy

    Return of the Softmouth Fundraiser Fly Swap

    Autumn / Winter River Flies Swap (with three flies donated to an auction fly box to help the WTT / Softmouth Trout). Trout or grayling flies. Start Date 5th September 2010 - swap now complete. Level loosely described as intermediate, quality being the main aim. 11 tyers and 3 for auction = 14...
  16. splashtestdummy

    Fishing call from 'The Daddy'

    Sat trying to complete some tedious work as you do on a Friday to get free for the weekend, getting distracted by too many things; wondering if I should just call it a day and nip out to the river ... I gaze out the window, and a clue on which flies might work are staring me in the face:
  17. splashtestdummy

    Afon Teifi, what fly?

    Helo folks, Off to Ceridigion in August - if you had to choose a fly for Sewin, which one would you stake a night of zzz's on? I'm going to tie a few 'essentials' but have never tackled a Sewin fly before, so it would be wise to keep it suitable for dummies :D. Ddiolch, STD.
  18. splashtestdummy

    Softmouth Trout Auction Fly Box

    Softmouth Trout Auction Fly Box Assuming a knowledge of the issues, I'll move straight onto the details; the auction is for a lovely Airflo '3 leaf' fly box (donated by Anderson Angling) containing circa 200 river flies donated from fly tyers on the forum and further afield. End time was...
  19. splashtestdummy

    Waterproof Camera

    Not sure if this is the right spot for this but here goes: I've dropped my phone in the river once whilst taking pics and took a little dip in the Taff on Saturday, my 1 day old new phone looked like it had a short life but luckily started working ok after a couple of days. Think it's about...
  20. splashtestdummy

    Favourite River Flies Swap - Softmouth Trout Fundraiser

    Favourite River Flies Swap (with two flies donated to an auction fly box to help the WTT / Softmouth Trout). Thanks to Anderson Angling for donating a fly box to XL50 (see last swap). Start Date 13th May 2010 – photo results will be posted at the end - Update: Photos on Page 9. The level is...