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    Slow intermediates

    I am looking for a new slow intermediate fly line. was thinking of Airflow sixth sense ones thanks
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    Cortland Blue Intermediates

    Hope this is in right place. I came across two of the above lines among my fly lines ,can any one please tell me what the sink rate is of the above lines Kindest Regards Duncan
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    10 FT 5 WTS

    Hi All I am thinking of buying a 5wt rod for the new season, it will be used mainly from the bank , with some boat work. my main question is , will I find much difference between 5wts and 6wts, that I already use, and should I go for a 9ft or a 10ft, the rod will be used mainly for Brownies with...
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    fly tying hooks

    High all,where is a good place to buy a few boxes of hooks Kamasan or Fulling mill please, Thanks Duncan
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    Adder bites

    Just been reading the Scottish news on the internet. A three year old boy has been bitten on the foot in his own garden, and he has had two ops in the sick childrens hospital in Glasgow,hope he recovers well, ( hope that this post is in the right place}
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    Flies with a trailing treble hook

    Hi all is there anyone on here that ties the above type of fly? i would like to tie up some sand eel patterns with a size 14 treble trailing.I was wondering if it is wire that you use or heavy nylon for tying on the trailing hook as i have never tied this type of fly many thanks
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    Orvis Clearwater 9ft 7wt

    Hi can anyone tell me what action the above rod is please many thanks Duncan
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    Minn Kota Outboard connections to battery.

    Hi I have just got the above outboard today,have been reading the instruction manual,and i am not sure if i need a circuit breaker or can i just connect straight to the battery? Also will i need to change the clips on the outboard terminals to suit the battery as they are just u shaped .and i...
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    Minn Kota Outboards

    I am looking to get myself a Minn Kota,i will be using it as my main source of power. The Lochs i will be using it in are fairly sheltered and only a few hundred yards wide,using my two and a half petrol outboard it takes me about fifteen minutes to motor the full length of of one of the bigger...
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    9 ft 5wt fly rods

    Hi i am thinking of buying a 9ft 5wt for fishing for brownies, my question is will the 5wt be suitable for fishing teams of three flies i will be using a floating line mainly from the bank. considering an Orvis Clearwater , Many thanks Duncan ps i use 6wts a lot and manage fine with them .
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    Fly line cracking at braided loop

    Can some one please tell me what causes my fly line to crack at the end of the braided sleeve.My loops are very short,i whip them on to the line and then apply some varnish Many Thanks Duncan
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    Guide Flyfishing Reddington warranties

    I broke the 2nd section from the top on my Reddington 9.6 7wt last weekend, I phoned Guideline on Tuesday ,and was told they did not seem to have a section in stock,i was asked to send the rod to them ,and he would have a good look around to see if he could find me one. I got the rod back two...
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    Sage Z Axis Nine Foot Six for 7wt

    Wanted Sage Z Axis Nine Foot Six 7WT
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    Hope this is in the right place.I pmd Ed mid afternoon yesterday for some Roe Deer Hair and a couple of other items, the order arrived this morning,and the Roe Hair is excellent many thanks Ed first class service Duncan
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    Kamasan hooks

    Hi can some one please tell me the difference between B170s and B400s, i normally use the B170s for dries,just wondering if there is any advantage in using the B400s Many thanks Duncan
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    whiting hen necks and whiting hebet hen necks

    Hi Can some one please tell me the difference between the above necks,and which one would be the most suitable for palmering wets.Many thanks Duncan
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    Snow Bee Sink Tip Fly Line

    Hi All,I am considering buying the above line,for use on the river for sea trout and also on the lochs. Can any one please give me any info as i have never used a sink tip line Many thanks Duncan
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    replacing rings on a flyrod

    Hi,i would be grateful if any one could give me any info on replacing 2 snake guides on the top section of a rod.some one suggested,squeezing the guide with pliers to get it out and doing the same to fit the new ones,and adding a drop of supper glue. any advice would be great,many thanks Duncan
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    sage warrentys

    i have broken the tip of my z axis who would be the best to contact regarding replacement part is it GARY COXON or foxons of north wales thanks in advance Duncan
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    Thigh WADERS

    Hello I wonder if any one can suggest a good pair of thigh waders rubber ones if possible many thanks Duncan