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  1. alimar

    Anvil Atlas

    As ive gave up tying, im selling all my gear bobbin holder comes with vice - worth £14 Anvil Atlas Fly Tying Vice | eBay
  2. alimar

    Rutland Boat Seat

    Open to realistic offer for Rutland boat seat, comes with backrest and bag. In good condition these dont come up very often
  3. alimar

    For Sale Greys XD

    Open to offers, for a 2nd hand 7wt, 10ft,, XD, the older type In good nick pm with offers postage im assuming will be around a tenner on top of cost of rod
  4. alimar

    Model Ranges

    Whats the difference between the two ranges. EOS 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 7D and EOS 20D VS 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 1100
  5. alimar


    arrived at loch ,, and Wullie offered a new boat ,,, right up until Franci turned the corner,,,,, not that im a comp angler ,,, But i saw .... the man dont really fish ,,, wood u fancy a real boat all i rem is catching me catchig 1st fish ,,, then the Master Mr Jarret ,, down what he done...
  6. alimar

    Simply Buzzers

    If these buzzers catch half as many many Trophies that Rangers have won ,,, ill be well happy Known as Simply Buzzers
  7. alimar

    007 Buzzer

    With the help of the brush in the Mr Bond ,, i get a more even finish with me buzzers. Shame ive never caught a fish with buzzers that ive tied
  8. alimar

    BugBond v Windscreen Resin

    A lot of people have already converted over to Bugbond ,,, i was one of the ,,ummmm is it worth the cash,, is it the same as windscreen resin ,,, well after todays experiments i can confirm Bugbond is by far the best. I was sent a sample of 2 types of windcreen resin from a very well known...
  9. alimar

    Polar Bear Blobs

    If u think,, these look white ,, then you need glasses ,, look closer ,, closer Dyed n Tied by me Ive always been one for doing sumthing different,, thinking out of the box,,, when dry,, may look white ,, when wet ,, just sumthing different ,,, do they catch ,, well ,, trout or a Powan...
  10. alimar

    White Eyes Buzzer

    Not known for my buzzer tying or fishing for that matter,, but the tide is turning Buzzer Hook Black Thread Red Holographic Black Holographic White Biots
  11. alimar

    Moss Orange Blob

    Going to give this blob, its virgin trail tomorrow on the fff site day out Hook - FKN BLOB FRITZ - MOSS ORANGE THREAD - ORANGE The fish deffo wont have saw this before
  12. alimar

    Pseudo Hackle Booby Cat

    Been having a lot of fish recently with this Booby Cat Hareline Pseudo Hackle ,, has worked, when 6mm/10mm hasnt Give it a go ,, im sure u wont be disappointed Im sure it would be a killer on the Lake Size 10 Pseudo Hackle on body White Marabou Cant get any easier
  13. alimar


    Gave the Picric a go and dyed a few meters of very soft 15mm fritz ,,, managed to get this fritz soft so its very mobile
  14. alimar

    Dying Today

    With a full weekend off ,, i got round to a bit of dying. Never used picric before , , so it was glasses and rubber gloves on :D Didnt take long for the picric to colour the fritz ,, so once dry got it wrapped up and ready for use Since then ,, ive had a bitter taste in my mouth ,, thou a...
  15. alimar

    Bung Lure

    For use under the bung - Ive been watching peeps catching well with blob/lures on the bung ,, a method love or hate it ,, works Hook - H387 Heavy Weight Thread - Steve Partons Marabou - Davies ,, still the best by miles Straggle - supplied by Steve -- and dyed by me,, nice to have slight...
  16. alimar

    Hot Tails

    Ive had a wee bit of fush with these ,, due to admin --- i cant post these killers ,, Admin now just wants to make £££
  17. alimar

    BonnyBridge Angling Club

    to help with club comps and events - we have setup a forum for info Just be setup so hope to have more info added soon
  18. alimar


    Never new what a Red Letter day was - never mind Experience one = I did today :P The day was my 1st day of the year on my club water = Drumbowie 35 acres of pure crystal clear water - water is gin clear Picked Colin up at 8 ,, the weather was perfect - dont get much better than this - 25...
  19. alimar

    Will it / Wont it

    Trying to get into tying naturals, this is far as ive got Will it or wont it catch fush
  20. alimar

    16mm Straggle

    Got some of Sams straggle in this week 16mm great stuff and great colours Easy stuff to work with - and sure these will catch loads of fush