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    Maxcatch Outbound Short WF10F SOLD

    10wt floating Maxcatch Outbound short. Brand new in box. £15 posted. SOLD
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    SOLD Patagonia Stormfront / stormsurge sling bag.

    As new condition, superb, submersible 20 litre sling bag. Lube (unopened) for waterproof zip included. £125 posted SOLD
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    Sage Spectrum C 5/6 reel

    In grey colour, very light use only. Original neoprene case and box. Withdrawn from sale.
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    Danielsson L5W 4sevenW spools SOLD

    Spare spools for Danielsson L5W 4sevenW. (No reel included). I have two available, one has tiny marks from use (not even worth taking pics of!). £55 each, posted. £100 posted for the pair. BOTH NOW SOLD
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    Sage 9ft 6wt 691

    Long shot but am after a sage 691 (6wt 9ft with fighting butt). Sage X, One, Igniter, Bolt and Method all considered! Please pm if you have anything.
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    Vision Big Daddy 2.0 9ft 10wt SOLD

    Great condition, light use only with a couple of minor dents in Eva handle where rod has been placed in rod holder. Original tube. £145 posted. SOLD
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    SOLD Rio Fathom WF6 Type 6 sinking line

    Rio Fathom type 6 / di 6 sinking in WF6. Used once, so in perfect condition. Supplied on original spool in box. £45 posted.
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    Sage One 790 9ft 7wt

    Bought unused recently from a forum member, and have only used it a couple of times since. I bought a 6wt at the same time which is realistically all I need. So, bargain price for quick sale- £350 plus post. Pics on request.
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    6wt modern glass rod

    Looking for a modern ‘fast’ glass rod in 6wt. Anything going?
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    Rio Perception WF6F SOLD

    Great condition- light use only. Tri-colour line. No box. SOLD
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    Airflo Delta di7 7wt SOLD

    Used once- SOLD Please pm me if interested.
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    WTB Airflo 40+ sniper or Wulff Ambush 10wt

    Anyone got one of the above floaters please? The Ambush in 10 or 10.5wt would also do. Thanks.
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    G Loomis Crosscurrent GLX 9ft 8wt

    Rod is now sold.
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    Various fly tying materials

    Sorting the mess that is my tying kit. Prices below include UK postage. Please pm me if interested. Thanks 8 X Letraset Tria Pantone pens. Either used very little or not at all. £8.50
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    C&F boxes

    All sold now thanks folks.
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    Donegal salmon flies in box

    Flies sold, thanks.
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    Sage XP swap

    Very unlikely I know but if you don't ask... I have a mint 10ft 6wt Sage XP (4 pce) which I would like to swap for a 9ft 6in 6wt XP (model - 697 XP - with full wells and extension handle, ideally). Please note I do not wish to sell the 10fter - I'd have both if I could :D Nor do I want to swap...
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    Sage XP 9ft 6in or 10ft 6wt wanted

    As above... factory rods with full wells and extension butt please :thumbs: May consider Loomis GLX 10ft 6wt Anyone got anything gathering dust? Please pm me if so :)
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    Sage One vs Sage XP

    Anyone owned both in 10ft 7wt? Know and love the XP very well and have fished with them for some time... but maybe tempted by the new breed. Briefly tried a 690 Sage One recently and was impressed. Preferred the XP over the Z-Axis by the way.
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    Guideline Power Taper shooting heads

    For sale: Lightly used and in vgc: Guideline PT Hover/Intermediate Guideline PT Sink 1/2 Guideline PT Sink 2/3 LINES NOW SOLD Thanks