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    Midge tip line recommendations

    Hi there. I have a Wychwood connect little dipper (5' midge tip line). I used it yesterday for the first time in about three months and it was horribly coily. It had been ok the last time I'd used it, although not perfectly straight. I know that there are things I can do to straighten it but I...
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    Bangour near Livingston

    Hi all - I'm going to Bangour fishery near Livingston tomorrow for the first time. It's higher up and a bit bigger and deeper than Kinross or Parkview where I usually go, so I was just wondering what methods and/or flies are working well there at the moment. Sorry for the very short notice.
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    Is a 9' 5# too light a rod for small stilwaters?

    I am fairly new to fly fishing and have been using a 10' 7/8# rod with 8# lines floating and sinktip on small stillwaters. Recently I bought a 9'5# agility 2 and a 5# floating line for using on trips up to Caithness. However I'm not likely to be going to Caithness for a while and am dying to try...
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    help me choose rod length please

    Hi all, I have the chance to buy a shakespeare agility 10' #5, or the same rod in 8'6" length. Both are second hand and on sale locally. I don't have enough cash for both. I'm fairly new to fly fishing and so far have been fishing small still waters( with a Stillwater performance 10' #7/8 which...
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    Cormorants: how much fish does one need?

    On a couple of occasions recently I've seen a cormorant at a pond in the park. So I guess there must be some fish there. I was just idly wondering how much fish would be needed to feed a cormorant for several days and what minimum size they would have to be. The pond is small and shallow...
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    Gear for Caithness

    Hi All, I am new to all this at the ripe old age of 61. I've only had three days so far on small stillwaters and caught my first trout today. I have a 10' 8wt rod and an old greys reel with interchangeable spools. I have a floating, an intermediate and a sinking line and three spare spools. I'll...