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    If you fish for barbel , carp or chub

    if you fish for barbel or carp take a look at these , just type into ebay sayuri pellets ranging from 32% protein up to an amazing 50% protein when you consider a normal halibut pellet is 32% it makes these pellets a bit special , even more now its getting colder , this food was designed to...
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    sad news

    all the dcac river anglers have died ,or most of them have !! and the rest of them are just acting that way , or is it they are all at willington or some other pond ??
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    good to see a link to flymail on here their micro flys are spot on ,
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    a year on the shannon by colin -stafford -johnson

    what an amazing film , god ,,there are some talented people out there ,
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    cheer yourselfs up for the new year

    look on youtube at geordy Christmas advert and scouser young girl ice bucket challenge happy new year nigel:thumbs:
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    million dollar backyard pond

    don't know how to put the link up on here but I am sure somebody can help me out , but until then , go on youtube and type in million dollar backyard pond and just have a look at this :eek: I know its nothing to do with fly fishing but just have a look
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    micro flies

    just wondered how those that bought the mico flies got on with them.
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    caravan treat

    just come back from an amazing 2 days on the ladycross plantation caravan park just outside Whitby , whent up with the intention of checking out the river just down the road , how about this then,, bearing in mind that this caravan park as the name suggests is in the middle of a plantation...
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    a surreal day on the river

    the most surreal days fishing, i have ever had , today i have walked straight up a snowdrift and over the top of a 5 barr gate , of which i usually have to open !!to walk through ,loads easier,, same with a 5 foot dry stone wall straight up the drift, and down the other side cracking sunshine...
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    micro flies

    take a look at this website 111 Micro Flies if you are into small flies they are spot on regards nigel.
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    take a look at this company

    the fly factory just used them to stock up for next season , spot on prices and service to match, regards nigel.
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    bruce 1

    is that him in celebrity get me out of here ,??
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    talking dog

    Ultimate Dog Tease - YouTube
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    tail slapping

    dont get excited men, ladies ,!!! its just a bit strange at the moment , the last few sessions on the river, have produced a bit of an eye opener for me , like the other morning , missed the first 10 or so massive agressive rises to my fly , then started hitting them , in the tail !!! yep the...
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    just bought some klinkhammers from peter cockwill at Albury Game Angling: Contact details his service is second to none and the flies to match , it seem that he had to buy in lots of patterns that he dosent usually stock , to complete my order , so if you are looking for some superb...
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    is it just me,

    bit of a story this one so please bear with me , last year whilst fishing a cracking little pool on the dove , an old boy turned up behind me , seeing that i had risen nothing in about an hours fishing i gave way and invited him to take my place ,so off i trotted down river , on my return he was...
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    best klinkhammer on the market

    has anyone any suggestions for the best klinkhammer on the market ? i am looking for the best floating, most visible, (large post, foam ?) (my eyes are ****) best quality fly that i can find any help would be greatly appreciated best regards nigel.
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    Thinking of fly tying ? Then check this out

    fished willersley yesterday , had a good chat with this guy, Learn Fly Tying nice fella, just thought you might be interested . regards nigel.
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    anybody got a few quid spare

    if so take a look at this web site Fisheries for Sale
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    thought hunting mink with hounds was illegal

    fished the lower derwent last night (sat) on dcac waters, with a mink hunt in full flow.