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    Frog hair fluoro alternatives...

    Howdy Can't get any frog hair tippet at the moment! First World problem indeed. Got used to using this stuff and got great faith and confidence in it, sportfish is the only place I can normally get it and website says all out. What other fluoro tippet do members recommend I try? Have used...
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    Cheap waders wanted

    Hi all My waders are knackered again and I'm after a cheap pair to tide me over until trout season. Don't normally fish winter but fancy getting out the odd time and can't bring myself to splash out on a decent pair which I know will be letting in water by spring. I'm hoping someone might...
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    Trout pattern swing leaf box

    Only recently purchased, brand new condition. Thought I'd lost my full box of flies, later to be found in the car. I only keep a small selection of flies so this box is surplus to requirements. Really cool little box, room for several hundred flies. Suitably for wets/nymphs and dries from about...
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    Snowbee classic 2 reel

    Had this reel a while, hardly used. Popular good value reel, very good condition, drag works fine, weight from memory is about 125grams but I might be wrong. It has a John norris 3wt line on it which probably could do with replacing, but is perfectly usable. £25 posted Thanks for looking
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    Waders good for walking?

    Hi I'm after a new pair of waders and need some help. I do quite a bit of walking and only used Guideline kaitums so far which are now knackered, just bought some vision flywaters second hand, bit of a punt, just got them and the material is awful, like wearing a sack and not a lot movement in...
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    ebay policies!

    sorry if this is an inappropriate section to post this Today I 'won' a rod (Burns 4wt, apparently a one off 'the wand') on ebay for £80, the starting price. I was the only bidder but I'd put a max of £110. The Seller had put the original price they'd paid for it in the listing and obviously...
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    Beginner's Fly tying kit

    Hi All I'm thinking about buying a vice and some gear to have a dabble at tying my own flies this winter. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to get? Including a basic fly tying book or two? Cheers Matt
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    Needle knot?

    Hi How many of you prefer a needle knot to a nail knot for a fly line to leader connection? I use a nail knot with a barrio smallstream line and fairly long leader but no matter how much I trim the knot down it always gets caught in the rod rings to some degree. Not usually a major problem but...
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    Inverpolly and surrounding area advice

    Hi We're going to stay on the inverpolly estate for a week later on this month. Been to the area before and had mixed results. Haven't fished the estate lochs before, but the owner says they're free fishing for guests. There is also fishing for £40 a day on loch Badagyle, and some other lochs...
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    best fly shop you use

    Hi Haven't progressed to tying my flies yet, bought them from for the last 2 or 3 years and have been pleased with the quality for the price. My last two orders were wrong even after emailing them the first time so I want to try someone else, so who's good for inexpensive x...
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    Leader/tippet questions

    A subject which i'm sure has been done to death but i have a few questions.. What are people's thought's on how to build your leaders, and what do you use for your leaders/tippets, especially for dry fly fishing? I know there are some who prefer say, just 2-3 lengths of tapered...
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    Small stream rod grip

    Hi I've decided to get a 7 foot rod built for next season for fishing becks and small rivers, fished a 7'6 this season which was ideal for some of the waters i've been fishing, just slightly too long for others. I tend to roll cast about 3/4 of the time and i hold the grip with thumb on...
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    Yorkshire Dove, etc

    Hi All Just looking to see if anyone can give me any info on waters around the north york moors, i'm already a member of the pickering fishery association (small becks mainly) and of a small club on the river seven this year through the help of a member on here. At the risk of becoming greedy...
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    click v no click reel?

    hi I've just bought a second sonik sk lite reel as i really like one i already had, however i don't like the noisy click when pulling line off the reel and particularly when winding. The reel i had already is basically silent which i much prefer, from what i can tell there's no easy way to...
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    river rye at nunnington

    Hi all I live in York and i'm still fairly new to fly fishing but did a fair bit last summer on the becks around Pickering, this season I might have an opportunity to join the ness fly fishing club on the river rye in Yorkshire. Is anyone on here a member of ness fly fishers? I walk the river...
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    Preseli rivers

    Hello I'm holidaying in Pembrokeshire next week and would like to get in a few mornings/evenings fishing. We're staying not far from rosebush. Does anyone know what river(s) close by would be worth a go? Have had a look at the nevern angling club website which looks promising. I'm not really...