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    Sage 10ft #7 RPL

    Hi All As above in mint condition with bag and metal tube. Can and will supply photos via e mail as I still cant work out how to do them via this forum £200 plus p&p PM if interested Rgds Paul
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    Number of droppers at this time of year

    Hi All I'm fishing my local reservoir on Sunday from the bank and was wondering is it advisable to reduce my go to number of droppers to just the one given that the water clarity is better this time of year ? Thanks for any advise given. Paul
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    Do you use mud ?

    Hi all Aa the post asks do you use mud on the line and if so does it really make a difference to catch rates ? The reason I'm asking is I'm personally quite a lazy angler and although I carry a small tub of mud I very rarely use it in fact my leader was floating the other evening and the water...
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    Hi All Does anybody know where I can get some grey mink from please ? Also can somebody advise what the best lure hooks are for tying minkies a friend of mine ties them and is asking me to find him some lure hooks in size 10 or even bigger that a 3.8mm gold bead will pass over the barb easily...
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    Irish Rise book

    All Just reading Dennis Moss above book for 2nd time and he has a few pages on the hooks opening and he advises using medium wire hooks for dry flys as opposed to fine wire so if I were to use B175's are these sufficient or am I over doing it ? If so what is he suggesting to use ? Lovely...
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    John Watts Competition

    Hi all I'm a relative newbie to the FDG but would like to take part in the competition can somebody point me in the right direction as to who I need to speak with please? That is if I have not already missed it ? Rgds Paul
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    Hooks for blobs

    Hi all I may have asked this before but cant found the post if I have. Looking to tie some blobs but unsure on what hooks and what size ? Any advise much appreciated Thanks Paul
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    Thread for buzzers

    Hi All Just looking for some advise on tying buzzer patterns - which is the best thread to use to give me that smooth almost glass effect ? Thanks in advance Paul
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    Reservoirs opening up

    All As the opening up of the reservoirs is almost upon us I'd like to ask at this time of the season what your approaches will be in terms of flies / line / leader lengths etc from both bank & boat ? Also am I right I saying that so early in the year/ season that not too many of the fish...
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    Montana nymph - classic

    Morning all I've just been tying some of the above in the black & green with leaded body or gold head beads as these are killers on my local small water. I've enough of the above for a few weeks now so was wondering if anybody has any variant patterns that work well that they'd share with me ...
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    Hi All Bit of a long shot here but my club has acquired a Stillwater that will allow boat fishing so I now need to buy my own lifejacket. I've been on e-bay and the likes but cant be bothered to wait to see if I have bid the highest. So back to the point of my post has anybody got a...
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    Comorant patterns

    All Can you please tell me your most successful comorant pattern ? I've tied them with a red tinsel body and silver body and as I've found them to be easy enough - given my limited tying ability, I'd just like some more ideas ? For reservoir and smaller stillwaters. Thanks all Paul
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    Wearing waders in a boat

    Hi all As above is it safe to do so ? I keep seeing this in the magazines and think I'd have been better prepared if I'd worn my waders on a boat the last year when I fished through a downpour all day and my waterproofs trousers left me with a wet backside - not pleasant 😁 I've read a few...
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    Blob tying

    Hi Just looking for a bit of advise on tying blobs - can you crowd the hook too much or will the hook find the jaws of the fish if taken ? I've just tied a few on B175 size 12 and although I myself can feel the hook, I cant see the hook on my tying but when I view the images on the net the...
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    Beads and B175 & B170

    All I'm struggling to get beads over B175 & B170 hooks - is there a knack to this or am I using the wrong size beads - I'm using 3.2's I think they are. Thanks in advance Paul
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    All Can you all keep the forum updated on the sales as they happen - thinking GAC or Garry Evens or John Norris ? WTC etc I've a birthday in January and will be spending 😁👍 Thanks Paul
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    Grafham from the bank

    Hi all Just looking for some advise on fishing Grafham from the bank as I'm hoping to get there next weekend. Any tips would be welcome. Thanks in advance Paul
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    Simms freestone Vest

    Hi All Just looking for some advise or opinions - my Columbia waistcoat has served me well but I'm thinking and only thinking at this stage of treating myself for xmas to a new Simms waistcoat / vest for my bank fishing. Does anybody have this waistcoat /vest and can you please advise if good...
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    Sink tip

    Hi all Looking for some advise - I fished my local reservoir with a sink tip at the weekend from the bank with 12ft of flouro and a gold head minkie on the point and had 2 fish and a few pulls which came to nothing. My question is at this time of year is a sink tip better than a full floater...
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    Fishing small stillwaters

    Hi all Just back from a couple of hours on my local spring fed still water and my 2nd blank in a week. Can I please ask - how do you catch fish on such waters as I'm kind of stumped at the minute. Is it lures is it dry fly even now as I did see fish rising ? Also what pound leader just not...