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    Merry Christmas!

    Just a quick note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! And thanks to everyone for making the forums such a vibrant place to spend a bit of time. Cheers!! Invicta
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    List of Step By Steps

    Hi Brennan, Sorry about the limit on characters - there are a couple of security reasons why I don't really want to change this (it would have to be a site wide change). I was going to suggest that you add a new post to this thread for each category - so all the categories are under the same...
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    Fly fishing in North Spain?

    I'm thinking about heading to Northern Spain for a few days in 2007 and wondered if anyone could make any recommendations for trout fishing. I fished very briefly a few years ago on the eastern side of the Pyrenees - not far from Andorra but was thinking about another region - maybe Navarra, La...
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    Duty rate on fishing tackle from US?

    Wondered if anyone could advise what rate of duty is charged on imports of fishing tackle from the US? I've tried to look on the web but can't find specific references for fishing tackle (well - I did find a reference to 3.7% for fishing rods & reels but there was no date on the document)...
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    BBC 2 Fishing

    "Horse for courses" and all that, but I can't help but think you read a different book. This has to be (by far) one of the better bits of (non-techy) angling writing to be published for some years. Homegrown. Well-written. Still, each to their own... Cheers, Invicta
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    Time for a change...

    Very funny. Invicta
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    Problems with PM's

    Sorry, could you be more specific? Invicta
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    Problems with PM's

    I'm still trying to work out what happened with PP's messages. This was the only report I had of a chunk of messages disappearing - but if anyone else has had a similar problem please let me know - as in isolation I'm struggling to work out what happened and to find a solution. Cheers, Invicta
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    Time for a change...

    That just about sums it up! Cheers, Invicta
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    Time for a change...

    They will be hosted on the F&F server though there will no change in the way the forums are administered or how they are accessed. I know Simon is still planning on having some sort of member only forum for F&F but this will not replace these existing forums - you have both my and Simon's word...
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    Time for a change...

    If they decide they want to take on the task they'll be using their existing usernames - there will be no attempt to hide anyone's identity. Invicta
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    Time for a change...

    I wanted to keep you all up to date with a couple of changes at the forums... I've come to the decision that I've got to curtail the time I spend administering the forums. Now, I stress this has nothing to do with recent 'events' - it's just with work commitments I'm not going to be able to...
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    Grayling fishing weekend - Feb 2007

    In association with Fish & Fly, Upstream Dry Fly have limited places available for their grayling fishing weekend with Paul Procter and Howard Taylor in February 2007. For full details see:
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    Viewpoint's back...

    In what I'm very happy to been seen as a U-turn of sorts (well, acutally a U-turn), the Viewpoint forum is back. Having taken a snap-shot of user opinion, if you're happy for me to moderate (when required) more or less on the basis of the terms & conditions agreed when signing up, I'm happy to...
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    Viewpoint's Gone

    Tigermouth, Thanks for the input. I agree with what you're saying - and of course there is a grey area as to what is sexual content. I think that it would be much easier to draw the line re. links to porn sites or similar content. It's just easier to have one rule on this - surely porn is...
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    Viewpoint's Gone

    If we re-introduce the Viewpoint forum, and the moderation of this is shared between a couple of moderators (even if it's just for this forum) are users happy for this to define what appears: "By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar...
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    Viewpoint's Gone

    Thanks to Cerberos for his comments re. terms & conditions and for everyone elses comments. What I should stress - and could have made clearer - is that nothing has been deleted. What I need to do is assess what is acceptable use of the Viewpoint forums. In recent weeks/months I've had to...
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    Viewpoint's Gone

    This would be ideal - but as MarkH says, it's hard to validate this information. And to be honest, sometimes I'm having to delete content from people with valid e-mail addresses etc. (i.e. not just spam). A couple of forum users have just mailed to suggest some sort of forum that covers...
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    Fishing show on BBC 2 - 8pm - Sunday 12th November

    It looks like the first episode of Charles Rangeley-Wilson's series "The Accidental Angler" will be broadcast this evening - Sunday 12th November 2006 - at 8.00pm. To find out more about the making of the series, listen to this podcast: Invicta
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    Accidental Angler - er, sometime soon...

    This podcast should be of interest... Cheers, Invicta