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    River Tyne Salmon Fishing weekend to raise money for Prostate Cancer, Sept 28 & 29 2018

    NERAC a north east fishing club has opened its Tyne and South Tyne fishing for salmon fishers to help raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. This will be a fun couple of day’s with regular fishers and complete beginners most welcome. Club members will be there to guide visitors on the waters and...
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    Temporary Forum Closure 9th March 8am GMT (for 4hrs)

    We are updating this vbulletin forum software 8am (UK time) 9th March with the hope of fixing the gremlins that are causing database sticking issues. This is an update rather than a major upgrade so should not take long. Hopefully we will be back up to speed after that!
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    Major forum upgrade on it's way!

    The software we are using on this forum has reached end of life - so we must upgrade. It's a painful business so the forum will be out of action for at least 24 hours and then be "work in progress" for a day or so after that but usable. The good news is that uploading images is much much easier...
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    Montane Spine Race: These guys are nuts!

    It's fascinating to watch the competitors in this brutal race on the tracker below as they race the Pennine Way in the snow! Cross Fell today must have been pretty deep! They all deserve medals or head scans!
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    Salmon genetics study shows single gene makes Salmon 'springers'

    The evolutionary basis of premature migration in Pacific salmon highlights the utility of genomics for informing conservation Daniel J. Prince1,2, Sean M. O’Rourke1,*, Tasha Q. Thompson1,*, Omar A. Ali1, Hannah S. Lyman1, Ismail K. Saglam1,3, Thomas J. Hotaling4, Adrian P. Spidle5 and...
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    61st World Cup Trout Fly Angling Championship on Lough Mask.

    Starts tomorrow. Anyone from FFF in it ? Cheers Colin
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    The Game Fair, Hatfield House, 28-30 July

    The Game Fair Hatfield House, 28-30 July 2017 Hertfordshire 2 miles East of the A1(M) (junction 4).
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    Salmon Fly Size Calculator

    I love using tiny flies (< 2cm total length) and I'm always surprised that a big salmon would bother themselves with one - but they do. Here is a first stab at an online fly size calculator designed for floating line - summer fishing. It is based on the tables given by Falkus and Richard...
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    Patrick Arnold RIP

    I have just heard that Cumbrian fly fishing instructor, writer and broadcaster Patrick Arnold has died recently. Patrick regularly fished the major lakes, tarns and rivers in Cumbria and was actively involved in protecting the environment and developing game fishing. He was the Angling...
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    Scottish Salmon Rod Catches 2016

    Name 2016 16yr av Diff Tweed 7,521 12,833 -41% Spey 7,506 8,140 -8% Tay 6,590 9,028 -27% Dee (Aberdeenshire) 3,325 5,380 -38% Thurso 2,661 1,425 87% Findhorn 2,187 2,513 -13% Kyle of Sutherland 2,147 3,165 -32% Naver 1,936 1,528 27% North Esk 1,622 2,086 -22% Deveron 1,554 2,906 -47% Helmsdale...
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    Guess the bird?

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    Wild Flower Identification 2

    I took this yesterday on walk. My wife told me what they were but thought it might be of interest. (fly gives scale) Any guesses?
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    Ephemeroptera of the UK

    Now it's May, Let's see if we can get a photo library of all of these - I'll link those taken by forum members as we go. Ameletidae Ameletus inopinatus (Upland Summer Mayfly) Baetidae Baetis atrebatinus (Dark Olive) Baetis buceratus (Scarce Olive) Baetis digitatus (Scarce Iron Blue...
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    Hardy Gem 13ft #10 Double Hander

    My nephew borrow it, dropped it and smashed the lower middle section. Too old for replacement by Hardy so now looking for someone who has broken another section? and willing to sell remaining bits. Cheers Colin
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    The 'Reel' Sound of Music - Fly Reels Sounds Compared

    From Fish&Fly : Some, like me, love to hear a fly reel purr, whizz and scream whereas you may think silence is golden. Each to their own but our gripe at Fish&Fly is that the manufacturers don’t give us a clue online to what we are buying! Just how loud is the fly reel? What kind of noise will...
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    Quick Quiz! Where is this trout reservoir?

    I was out for a walk yesterday and spotted this reservoir in the distance. Do you know which it is? No prizes - just guesses!
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    Fancy a job in fishing? Lake of Menteith

    From the Lake of Menteith: VACANCY FOR A TRAINEE/APPRENTICE - Assistant Trout Fisheries Manager Lake of Menteith Fisheries Ltd The Lake of Menteith Fisheries Ltd is looking to recruit a Trainee Assistant Manager to help look after their Trout Fishery business at the Port of Menteith...
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    Tweed Salmon and Ocean Ecology - Talk by Jens Christian Holst

    Delivered to the Tweed Foundation 14 December 2016
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    English Seatrout Netting Disgrace

    According to the recent Government's Annual fisheries report 2015 to 2016: The declared sea trout rod catch in England for 2015 was 17,935 which was 4% more than in 2014 and 0.5% above the 5 year mean of 17,830. Of these, 13,989 sea trout (78%) were returned alive. The total declared sea trout...
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    Sportfish Reading Fishing Tackle Show Free. Sat May 7th and Sun May 8th

    Summer starts with the UK’s biggest and best FREE fishing event – the Sportfish Show. The fishing show of the summer takes place at Haywards Farm Fishery, Theale, Reading, Berkshire from 9am on Saturday 7th and 10am on Sunday 8th May, so join us and start your summer fishing in Sportfish style...