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    The Nova Vice ?

    Personally I prefer an Anvil vice had one for years never let me down and a reasonable price in my opinion
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    Grayling Boost for the North East

    Why are they not putting any grayling in the Wansbeck
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    Frogs Fanny by the bucketload.

    Sent away for some to America, bought a big plastic tub for about £20 a year or so ago its rubbish.
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    Which waders for short legs ?

    Orvis are very good a great selection for all sizes
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    Wansbeck Angling Association

    Wansbeck Angling Association A.G.M. at 1-00pm Guidepost Club Choppington new members welcome
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    Sleekburn water

    Heard it had closed mate or closing
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    Best clear intermediate fly line

    Must agree Snowbee
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    Casting in the wind.

    Some great methods I find it a lot easier if you shorten your leader you get a better turnover
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    Advice on a ......Vice

    Had my Anvil Apex a few years now Iv'e had a few over the years but my Anvil's the best solid and reliable
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    Anti virus for iPhone

    As has been said AVG is a good free anti virus cant hurt to download it have used it for years without any problem
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    Watendlath for a newbie?

    Size 14 hares ear with holographic tinsel rib worked a treat for me. Only caught rainbows when I was there. Tight Lines.
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    Any tips for straightening a kinked furled leader?

    an old chap once told me to straighten my leader cut a piece of bicycle inner tube and pull your leader through it nipping your leader between the rubber
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    All the gear, no idea!

    maybe a little advice to the bloke might have helped him instead of blowing your own trumpet,its easy to mock
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    One fly season!

    Hares ear with a holographic tinsel rib my favourite
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    Early Season Wets / Spiders

    Hares ear, Partridge and orange, Snipe and purple
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    Never worn one

    Casio G-SHOCK had it for years has the tides on as well very reliable
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    20% discount

    20% discount at Ian Woods Game Fishing Supplies till 31st Oct cant be bad
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    Free Fishing?

    On the river Wansbeck its free to fish what is called the town water which is Morpeth all you need is a rod licence.Ithink its from the foot bridge at the west to the weir to what is known as the slaughter house at the east end.I would check with Ian Wood at Game Fishing Supplies. Derek
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    Sweethope adventure

    We went on a 6 hour ticket from 9 till 3 I dont think it would be a problem but would ring first to check fishery 01830540349,mobile 07791707097,main office 01434618579. Derek
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    Sweethope adventure

    Paid a visit to Sweethope Lough today had a great day,caught 3 fish one was a five pounder all pulled like express trains.Got snapped off and lost 2 off It reminded me of how Sweethope used to be, loads of fish showing difficult at times but well worth a visit will definately be back, theyre...