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    Whiting on the fly

    When I was boat fishing I used to catch a lot of whiting on white feathers, so I can't see any reason why fly won't work, good luck.
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    Ribble Chub?

    This post has taken me back at least 50 years, my brother in law and myself fished for chub on the Ribble at Elston. we used floating lines 7 weight, we were new to flyfishing then and had only been to a couple of stillwaters for trout. The fly we used was Black and Peacock spider, and thats...
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    Peacock Skeletor Nymph

    Looks great, I'll have a dozen please. lol
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    New line

    If you have a man cave with a vice, just use a long bolt and clamp it in the vice, just on a slight angle then the spool of line won't fall off , it works for me.
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    A thumbs-up for Barbless Flies

    Can't beat barbless, when you net the trout, the hook usually falls out and the fish can easily be returned without damage.
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    Flies for Stocked Trout Scotland

    Anything Black & Green usually works early season, but trout will have a go at anything at this time of the year. Depth it is fished is just as important as the lure, if the trout are down a bit and you are using a floating line, use a lure with a bead head to get the fly down.
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    Sunray lines

    I have a Sunray WF 7 floating line, I have had no problems at all with its floating capabilities, like most fly lines they need to be kept clean, a good wash now and again does them a world of good, sinking lines or floating.
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    Painted Buzzer. Hockneys...

    I'll have a dozen mixed please, and i'll pay the postage. lol
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    How many rods do you take out?

    Always 2, but I also carry a spare in my vehicle just in case.
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    Early season small river brownie patterns

    I would go for Snipe & Purple, but I can't see why Partridge & Purple wouldn't work.
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    Trout and Salmon - Trout Fisherman

    Not the best move for me, i'm not interested in salmon fishing, I only do stillwater. I used to subscribe to trout fisherman but stopped subscribing when TF finished
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    Hugh Falkus "sea trout fishing"

    A long time ago I went to a talk and film show by Hugh Falkus, it was a great night, and at the time he was very well known, he was one of the very lucky anglers who had a private bit of river to fish. Of course the talk didn't end there, it was an outlet to sell his book, and I think most...
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    Sonik SK3 Fly Reel

    If your stuck for a spare spool i'v one i could let you have. Just let me have an address to send it to. ITS FREE
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    September 2019 caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    He was on the curry last night so i'm taking no chances i'll sit at the back
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    grx reel

    Give PURE FISHING ( UK ) Ltd a call, I got one off them. Telephone Number 01665 602771 Address Willowburn, Alnwick, NE66 2PF
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    The Elastic Shrimp

    A very nice shrimp imitation, Ill take a dozen please Nick.
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    February 2018 Caption Competition sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Are you a dry fly or a wet fly..........I'll be wet when i get chucked in
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    Leader straighteners, coiling tapered leaders etc.

    I use a piece of inner tube its always worked for me.