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    Moffat - River Annan info please!

    Going to Moffat for a couple of nights at the weekend and could not help but see the Annan flowing past. What are the chances of a couple of hours at the stretch at Moffat - anyone fished it or any other info?
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    Vosseler DC2 Series + spare spool

    For sale - Used DC2-3/4 - line class WF 3/4 + 50 m of backing. Has a very light pebble rash on the base - can hardly see it. £150
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    Vosseler-dc2- Spare Spool Titanium

    As in title - Vosseler dc2 spare spool - retail for £90, never been used and has a pouch. Happy to accept any reasnable offers!
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    Lake District - Centre Parks?

    Hiya - wondering if anyone has been to the Centre Parks in the Lake District and managed to squeeze some fishing in - where did you go and timescales etc?
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    Lake District - need a campsite near fishing!

    Hello chaps - off to the Lake District over the summer at some point with the family and am looking for a campsite with some fishing close to it - ideally a fantastic river stuffed full of eager fat trout slap bang through the middle of the pitches however I would settle for a small burn with...
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    River Kelvin Angling Association EGM - Tuesday the 18th of August

    The EGM has been arranged for Tuesday the 18th of August. It will start at 7pm in Bearsden Hall. Due to the short notice there will be no letters sent out - please inform everyone you know that holds a permit for the river. For more info please check out this thread.
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    Cornwall Questions

    Hiya - going to Cornwall (near Newquay) for a week next week -I have a few questions: 1. Anyone have any info on possible Saltwater fly fishing spots? 2. Any Pike on the fly opportunities? 3. Can you recommend any rivers for brownies? Alistair
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    Beligerant Pike

    Two sessions of Pike fishing this week – both strange for different reasons – both occasions I have been using my Loop Pike Booster with a floating 9WF line, 3 foot 30lb leader and a bizarre EP fibre monstrosity. I spooked Pike – lots of them – I counted over a dozen – big ones – all spooked by...
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    Otter up close n' personal

    Was fishing on the Clyde and this cheeky wee otter decided to inspect me up close! YouTube - Otter up close
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    Thought I would be the first to introduce myself in this fancy shiny new bit of the forum. My name is Alistair and I have the username Urban Fly Fisher (I changed it from aliferste as noone knew what it meant) as I also have a blog called - pretty much dedicated to urban...
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    A Grand Day for the Kelvin

    Updated info on Kelvin official site: With a bit of luck urbanflyman will post some more pics :)
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    River Kelvin Fishers

    Calling River Kelvin Fishers I am trying to put together a hatch chart for the River Kelvin. Over the years I have noticed people reporting various hatches at different parts of the river. What I would like to do is collect as much information as I can this season and then create a hatch chart...
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    River Fal - Cornwall - Brown Trout info needed

    Hiya - was wondering if any of you chaps had ever fished the River Fal in Cornwall? I intend to use the Angling 2000 site to buy tokens :
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    River Kelvin Angling Association AGM - Major Changes

    Ok - so the AGM was the place to be if you wanted to have a say in the changes. In a nutshell the AGM was carnage - there was disagreements, arguments, calls for the resignation of members of the committee, arguments amongst the committee, a member of the club were told to **** off by an office...
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    I need Wood!

    Hiya, I need a piece of wood to mount a new vice on - it has to be around 11inches by 16inches and be about half an inch thick. Oak would be nice however any piece of wood would do I suppose. Is it just a case of walking into B and Q and asking for a bit to be cut or is there anywhere else I...
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    Orvis Rotary Vice?

    Thinking of getting a new vice - a rotary vice. Anyone got the Orvis one? For £60 seems ok?
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    Sony - DSC-60U Waterproof Digital Camera

    Hiya - I have bought a new digital camera so my old one is now up for grabs - it is a Sony - DSC-U60 Waterproof Digital Camera For more info on this camera please look here It is second hand, I have used it so it does have some minor cosmetic scratches and blemishes although nothing that...
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    Drag sticking Problem on Vision Koma

    Hiya, Been using a Vision Koma reel for a short while now and up until now have been happy with it. For some reason the drag sticks - not sure why this is - not dropped the reel and winding in line is not a problem so I know there are no dents. There seems to be enough grease around the...
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    River Kelvin Trout Fishers - Help Needed

    Do you want to know if Kelvin trout are safe to eat? Read this
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    Orvis Podcasts

    Orvis are now producing podcasts - always good to listen to at work or when on holiday :-)