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    Lense colour for prescription sunglasses

    Hi Guys I’d like some advice on the best all round colour of lenses for prescription sunglasses please Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers
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    New Rod Advice Please

    Hi Guys Hope everone is well under the circumstances. I am considering having a go for Pike, and Saltwater fish on the fly. Ideally i want one rod to cover both options, i have read a 9ft rod is best suited to this, but would like some advice on what weight rod would fit the bill, so to speak...
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    Orvis £25 off if you spend £50 or over with code WLDWC20

    Hi Guys Maybe of use to someone, i just checked and code is working. Cheers Garry
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    Greys Streamflex MK1 Rod (up to and including 9ft)

    Hi Guys Im looking for possibly any MK1 Streamflex rod in any configuration, up to and including 9ft apart from a 8ft #4 which i allready have. Please pm if you have anything. Cheers
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    Whats my Sage SLT Worth

    Hi Guys I was wondering if any of you may be able to give me an idea of what my rod is worth? Its a Sage SLT 9FT6inch #6 in excellent condition. I seen one go on e-bay a few weeks ago for what seemed to me to be a fairly high price. Any advice would be much appreciared Cheers Garry
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    New Air Rifle

    Hi Guys Im looking for advice on buying an airifle, the last one i owned was a Weihrauch HW80 and that was about 30 yrs plus ago. I suffer from Tennis elbow in both arms so it will need to be fairly light so was thinking of buying a pcp probably on the used market budget of about £500 to...
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    Airflo Super-Tuff Thigh Waders £29.99 size 9 only (John Norris0

    Hi Guys Just a heads up John Norris are selling the thigh waders in above title, size 9 only, they come fitted with studs. Perfect for small streams or rivers if not wading too deep. Thought it may be of help to someone. Cheers Garry
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    Line Recomendations Of Lines For Sage SLT 9FT6 #6 Weight

    Hi Guys I have just bought the rod described in the title. Does anybody have any recomendations for a floating/intermediate and sinking line for this rod for fishing off the bank on stillwaters? Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Garry
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    River Poloution

    Hi Guys Ive just started back flyfishing after a long absence due to health reasons. I started fishing a free stretch of river in Cardiff with fair success. Upon reading the local newspaper yesterday, it was reported the river about 1.5 miles above where I fish had been polluted. There are...
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    Having C.O.P.D. And Flyfishing

    Hi Guys I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. about 18 months ago. I was wondering if anyone else suffers from this condition and still does flyfishing? I have only just started back fishing on rivers, been out twice this month now and both times have taken there toll on me. It takes me several days to...
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    Walking/Hiking Boots As An Alternative To Wading Boots

    Hi Guys I did start a thread about wading boots a couple of days ago, about medium budget wading boots. I was thinking of trying some fairly cheap walking/ hiking boots as an alternative, as wading boots do seem expensive for what they are. I have read stories of people spending upwards of £150...
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    Recomendations For A Pair Of Medium Budget Wading Boots Please

    Hi Guys I have just bought my first pair of breathable stocking foot waders. Can any of you recommend a pair of half decent medium budget wading boots please. Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Garry
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    Rod Length and Line Rating For Stillwater Fishing

    Hi Guys Merry xmas to you all. I am looking for some advice on rod length and line weight for fishing stillwaters from the bank, the fisheries will vary in size I fish mainly gold head nymphs also occasional dries, and as a last resort weighted mini lures. I was thinking maybe a 9ft6 rod...
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    Budget Fly Line Backing Recomendations

    Hi Guys Does anyone have any recommendations on any budget backing suppliers or website links? The price most places charge for this it seems very expensive, any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Garry
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    Best Weight Line For My Rods

    Hi Guys A bit of advice needed if possible please. I am about to start fly fishing small streams , and small rivers, I currently own four rods that I think maybe fit for the purpose. I have an 8ft 4wt a 7ft 4wt also a 7ft 3wt and 6ft 3t. The line needs to be a wt forward floater, but needs to...