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    Hi Guys and Gals, i have recently moved to Dunfermline and am wondering where the local or near local tackle shops are. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Messy
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    Harperrigg Reservoir, Edinburgh

    4/5/12 I was talked into taking my 13 year old son out yesterday afternoon and glad I succumbed :) We managed 5 altogether and all were returned safe and well. We had good sport with others chasing, splashing and forgetting to keep a hold of the fly! :omg: Cameron was pleased as punch as he...
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    Union Canal Edinburgh

    I may be dreaming, but, I am sure I read somewhere that you require a permit to fish the canal. Is this the case or not? Look forward to your replies. Messy
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    Drummond Loch

    Was thinking of giving this place a bash during my stay at St Fillans in May. Any members of the Crieff Angling Club (or anyone who fishes it regularly) on here willing to give away it's secrets:whistle: Messy
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    I have been offered the use of a caravan at Lochearnhead and was wondering what fishing is available in the area or within a 30-45 minute drive. Messy
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    Changing Lines when Fishing

    Sounds daft I know, but, what is the quickest way to change lines? Do the comp guys have any "shortcuts" I'm sure I read somewhere that some use a spare length of backing that they attach to the "new line" thread through the eyes , swap the cast onto the new line, reel in old line swap...
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    Hook sizes and tyings

    ok here goes.... While purchasing size 10, 12 and 14 hooks my local tackle shop owner told me he ties all those "sized" flies on size ten hooks. The reason given was that the smaller hooks would take longer to sink. Your views reasons for against etc etc would be appreciated. Messy
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    Outfit for a 13 Year Old

    What outfit would most suit a 13 year old beginner? Rod size/weight, Reel etc etc Are there any Starter Kits that that come with reccomendations? Look forward to your views Messy
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    Reducing File Sizes

    I have 2 photos that require their file size to be reduced so I can upload them onto the forum. How do you go about doing it? Look forward to your replies. Messy
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    Fly/Bait Fisheries around Edinburgh

    Took my 12 year old to Loch Glow on Saturday and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. A second outing is now on the cards and I am unsure where else I could take him in and around the Edinburgh area. Messy PS I am trying to get him away from the bait stuff onto the real fishing:D
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    It's been years since I attended classes and have forgotten the rules for hackle use. eg when do you use cock as opposed to hen, do you have the "curve" facing the hook or away from:confused::confused: Messy:o
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    Anglian Waters

    Looking forward to this weekend as I'll be fishing Grafham, Rutland and Pitsford. Any tips for fishing these waters at this time of year would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance Messy :thumbs:
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    Breathers for Buzzers

    What is the best way for creating breathers on a buzzer and is there a way to create a small bunch on either side of the head? Looking forward to your replies helpful or otherwise :thumbs: Messy
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    Lessons Required

    I would like to arrange a couple of sessions to have my casting looked at and improvements made. Any reccommendations of instructors would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance
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    Edinburgh Casting Club

    Any interest in starting one if there is not one already?
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    Glasgows Casting Club

    Is there any interest on starting an Edinburgh class? I could do with some lessons/practice.
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    Another one for Edinburgh Anglers

    What would be the ideal set up for fishing both the Water of Leith and the river Almond:confused:
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    LTC Badges

    Apologies if a thread for todays (Saturday 26th) deliveries has been started already. I recieved mine about an hour ago. Thanks for promoting such a good cause
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    Angling Clubs in Edinburgh

    This may not be the right place to post this but here goes.... Are any of the contributers to this forum members of clubs from within the Edinburgh boundary? If so, is your club looking to increase it's membership by one? :D
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    Furs and Feathers

    Being a newbie tyer and poster please be gentle with me :) Do furs and feathers have a use by date? By that I mean do they degrade through age or become brittle or any other description for them being useless? I look forward to your responses.