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  1. keef68

    Redington CPS 9’ 6” 7wt

    A mate of mine has just broken his much loved Redington CPS 9’ 6” 7wt. I appreciate this is a long shot, but I wondered if anyone had either a butt section for this rod, or the rod itself that they’d be willing to sell? Many Thanks Keith Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. keef68

    Airflo "Warranty"

    I broke an Airflo Airtec Nantec 10' rod. Went on the backcast and snapped at the bottom of the second section. I've had the rod about 6 years and contacted Airflo to ask if any sections still available. Long story short was that there aren't, and because I don't have my original receipt, the...
  3. keef68

    Fishing Luggage

    I'm looking for a bag that will hold 4 piece fly rod tubes. I've seen a couple from Airflo, but not entirely sure if they will hold the rods. I'm going abroad on a fishing trip in May, and wanted to take more than just my 6 piece travel rod. Any suggestions / recommendations? Thanks Keith
  4. keef68

    Ayrshire Fly Dressers - Davie McPhail

    Fly tying legend Davie McPhail will be visiting the Ayrshire Fly Dressers on Monday 5th December. Davie will be doing a demo for us, including both trout and salmon patterns. There will be a chance to win the flies tied on the night. The meeting takes place at Townend Community Centre, Dreghorn...
  5. keef68

    Loop LTS Rods

    Does anyone have any experience of these rods? Particularly the LTS X3? Cheers Keith
  6. keef68

    Scierra XDP Reel 9/11 Spare Spools

    I originally posted this in the Wanted section, but I'm not sure how often that thread is viewed. Does anyone have any spare spools for this reel they would be willing to sell, or does anyone know where they can still be bought? My mate uses this reel for salmon fishing, and would like to get a...
  7. keef68

    Scierra XDP Reel 9/11 Spools

    Does anyone have a spare spool for this reel they would be willing to sell? My mate uses the reel for salmon fishing, but the spare spools seem to be unavailable. Or does anyone know of anywhere that still sells them? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Keith
  8. keef68

    Greys GR50 Rod

    I nipped into my local tackle shop for a chat this afternoon, and saw the new Greys GR50 for the first time. Now, I liked the look of this rod based on reviews in the angling press, but now I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole. This rod had been brought in to be repaired, as it had broken for...
  9. keef68

    Greys Greyflex M2 Tip Section

    Wanted - probably a long shot, but a mate of mine is looking for a tip section for a Greys Greyflex M2 9' 6" 7/8. If anyone can help, please let me know. Many Thanks Keith
  10. keef68

    Tackle Shop Irvine

    Just a heads up for those in Ayrshire, that there's a new tackle shop in the High St in Irvine. It's called Fish X and is within the Petworld shop. I was in earlier today, and they have a decent selection of reels, lines, fluorocarbon, flies and fly tying stuff, clothing, nets and bags. Like...
  11. keef68


    Can anyone recommend a make of forceps that have smooth, or at least non-serrated jaws? I'm getting tired of ruining flies with the forceps I have. Thanks, Keith
  12. keef68

    Full Wells or not?...

    I recently bought a Flextec Streamtec in 10' 6wt from eBay. I need a new rod like a hole in the head, but couldn't resist a wee bargain, and I know that the Streamtec rods have been very well reviewed on here. I'm very happy with the rod (although I haven't fished with it yet), but I was quite...
  13. keef68


    This will probably seem like a stupid question, so apologies in advance... I've never used a polyleader before, and I got a 5ft sinking one for trout. I thought they were looped at both ends, but the leader end is just straight exposed mono. How do you attach your fluorocarbon? Do you make a...
  14. keef68

    Wychwood Fluorocarbon

    I just bought a spool of the new Wychwood Competition Fluorocarbon to try. I usually use G3 Platinum or Fulling Mill, but at 0.19 for 6lb, I thought the Wychwood might be worth a shot. I'll be trying it out later today, but I just wondered if anyone had tried it? Thoughts? Cheers, Keith
  15. keef68

    Excellent Service from Redington

    Another story of a company who provide first class service to their customers. A friend of mine broke her CPS rod on Saturday. She contacted Guide Fly Fishing on Monday as the UK agents for Redington, and a brand new section arrived by express courier on Tuesday. That certainly puts some other...
  16. keef68

    Frozen Fisheries

    Well, all my local fisheries have frozen over. My usual Sunday fishing trip is cancelled and I can't think what to do for the best. Do I gain brownie points with the other half and go Xmas shopping with her, or do I stubbornly refuse to go and spend all afternoon tying flies instead? Decisions...
  17. keef68

    Regent Pedestal Vice

    Hi, I'm finally about to start fly tying, and got myself an inexpensive Regent vice with a pedestal and some tools. It all comes in a nice wooden box. My problem is that I've just tried to set it up, and the vice doesn't seem to screw into the pedestal properly. I know it probably seems a daft...
  18. keef68

    Bug Bond

    Hi, I'm totally new to fly tying, and I was looking for your opinions on Bug Bond. It seems like a good product, but there seem to be a large number of similar products out there. I wondered if it's worth getting Bug Bond, or are there any better, cheaper alternatives that do exactly the same...
  19. keef68

    Excellent Customer Service

    While we quite rightly highlight retailers with a less than satisfactory approach to customer service on the Forum, I think it's only right that we continue to champion those retailers who go the extra mile. I recently decided to treat myself (again...) to a nice new Z Axis. And being the...
  20. keef68

    Fly Fishing for Mackerel!

    Right, I'm off out to try fly fishing in the sea for the very first time. Using my oldest rod and reel, and some newly bought saltwater flies, I'm heading for Ayr shore to give it a bash! Probably be a disaster, but nothing ventured etc! Any tips gratefully received! Cheers, Keith