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  1. Ephemera

    Rod for general lough style fishing Ireland.

    Going back to the original question............. the answer is not that simple. The conditions being, wind speed, temperature, sunlight levels on each day might dictate your choice of rod and line weight. Everybody takes a spare rod or six with them? There may not be a best rod for any day...
  2. Ephemera

    Lake Vyrnwy - Updates and Discussion

    Lovely bit of film, I fish it almost the same but I like to cast into the bushes and then tease my flies out so they "plop" , it adds a bit of realism. :ohno: not again!! Jonesy
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    Tal Y Llyn

    Emailed the hotel last week inquiring about the fishing and the possibility of fishing it from my kayak. My request as expected was politely declined so I asked about the current state of affairs and got the impression that the refurbishment on the boats had not yet begun but it was still on the...
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    Lake Vyrnwy - Updates and Discussion

    Fished Vyrnwy weekend before last in fairly good conditions although would have liked more wind, best fish of the day being a pound and a half which is always nice. Didnt quite hit double figures but I put that down to the very high water. You can get as close as you like to the bushes but when...
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    Base and Mid Layer clothes

    I have a long sleeved Icebreaker base layer, was given it as a gift. 200 Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe - Icebreaker (UK) After a good few years of use its wearing through at the elbows, it will not be discarded until it falls to pieces. great piece of kit. Jonesy
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    What Owl makes a similar sound to a Nightjar?

    I think these may be juvenile tawnies. Jonesy
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    Lough Sheelin

    Had a friend fishing it last week out of Crover house, must have had some huge hatches by the sound of it reminiscent of the early 90's. I'ts tough fishing when there are that many spent on the water the chances of yours being selected are slim. Some big fish to be had for sure if you are lucky...
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    BARRIO Mallard DT-7-F

    Hi John, I'll take this if still available. Regards Jonesy
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    Lough Conn

    Typical, 6 days of sunbathing on Melvin and Conn and as you pack your bags the sky turns grey, It's not all about the catching though is it? :nod:
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    Lough Conn

    Fished Wed,Thurs,Fri, all days very bright but had good sport particularly when we had a decent wave. Coming out of Gillaroo bay we fished around the Coleman shallows,Massbrook, Victoria, Chain Island and Errew. Plenty taken in the 3/4lb - 1lb mark with one 2lb and one 3.5lb fish being caught...
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    heron bouyancy jacket

    They will keep you afloat if you ensure you buy the correct rating for your weight. The main difference between them is the life jacket once deployed should always keep your face out of the water, which is great news were you unconscious or injured. The jacket will only help you float face up or...
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    Lough Conn

    Will be on there for the last three days of the same week. We can compare notes, I will be able to tell you exactly where the fish weren't. Tight lines Jonesy
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    Lough Conn

    If I'm not mistaken that refers to the upper part of Bog Bay, look at the western shore on the inside of Castle Island. Some good fishing all around, just find the fly. Regards Jonesy
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    Lough Conn

    The Errew shore itself is a lovely drift there are usually fish to be seen moving along here. Good place for a brew stop too. Will be there in a couple of weeks, I hope the fishing has improved. Jonesy
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    My bargain of the year

    You might appreciate a little padding and perhaps a non slip cover for when wet, good bargain though. Jonesy
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    Anyone fish from a Kayak?

    As JRT pointed out Anglers afloat will have all the information you need. Be sure to spend plenty of time in reaching a decision before you take the plunge. Have fun. Jonesy
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    What fly lines do you forum chaps use?

    444 DT peach floaters in 6 and 7wt or Snowbee XS in the same config as I like the weight and lack of memory. I did find the 555 a very nice line to cast but they seem to have discontinued it. Jonesy
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    Lake Vyrnwy

    Hi Jono, I should have a bit more spare time coming up, give me a bell when you are going. Take it easy old man. Jonesy
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    Lake Vyrnwy

    Went out of White gates yesterday and spent an hour cruising up to the middle station hoping to find some less fished water. Fishing a dry daddy on the point and and a small white wullf the first 3 fish to the daddy were long lean rainbows. Had some great sport with the browns too, maybe last...