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  1. jada0406

    Dry Fly

    HI', Steff and JayP, I have been tying flies since September 1959; I was invited to run a fly tying class at our local FE classes in October 1961, and last demonstrated in autumn, 1997. I also ran the fly tying section at Lowther Horse Trials and Game Fair, at which I met both Malcolm...
  2. jada0406

    Dry Fly

    Hi, JayP, I just had a look at the fly via the link, and I would guess that it is a dry fly version of a Diawl Bach --- the famous Welsh wet fly. If it fishes as well as the ''Little Red Devil'', I would certainly give it a try. cheers, TerryC
  3. jada0406

    Grayling ejecting nymphs

    Hl, Re your bug-hunting; the types of nymphs that you find is often governed by the type of stream/river you fish, and in which part of the country you live. Here in Cumbria where I live, we have mainly medium to fast fisheries, the better, cleaner and more fertile of these have some of the...
  4. jada0406

    Has anyone seen, or heard of, any salmon spawning activity on the Cumbrian Eden system?.

    I would be very grateful for any information regarding salmon activity on the Eden or its tributaries; particularly on either the Upper Lowther or Upper Eamont, as these waters are the main breeding area for the once-famous spring salmon runs. JadaTC
  5. jada0406

    Salmon spawning on Cumbrian Eden

    Has anyone seen or heard of any activity on the Eden or its tributaries? Thanks in advance for any replies. jadaTC
  6. jada0406

    Who is pretending to be me?

    Hi', WF, I guess the ranunculus was choked out of existence by silt, which has been a curse on the Eden system for a long, long time. No one at the Environment Agency, or National Rivers Authority, or its 2 predecessors in Cumbria would take any notice of my comments regarding aquatic insect...
  7. jada0406

    Who is pretending to be me?

    Hi', Steve, yes, the series on reading the water has been used three times, at reasonable intervals, to allow newcomers to fishing to learn the basics of rivercraft from the pages of the 'Herald'. I can honestly say that I have had more feedback from naturalists than anglers --- Surprising...
  8. jada0406

    Who is pretending to be me?

    Hi', and thanks, Johan, you have always been most kind and appreciative of my efforts.
  9. jada0406

    Who is pretending to be me?

    Hi', Kirsty, and thanks for helping with my query. However, I do not recall ever having to sign in to FFF as guest 21. Also, if you check Reading Rivers, you will see that Guest 21 has been a member since May 17, 2006; I joined FFF in March, 2008, on Mr Trout's recommendation. I dropped out...
  10. jada0406

    Who is pretending to be me?

    Cheers for the info regarding the old book, Steve. At the time I first mentioned my intention to post the series on FFF, the response suggested that it was a good idea, because there wasn't much around on the topics I eventually covered, in considerable detail. You may recall the offer Phil...
  11. jada0406

    Stomach Contents

    HI', WF, I agree. Hope you have a good belated season. jadaTC
  12. jada0406

    Who is pretending to be me?

    Thanks for the 'heads up', I got carried away, lost my caution.
  13. jada0406

    Help, I am confused

    I am having difficulty in accessing FFF, as the system does not recognise my e-mail address, which is still:-- Also, It appears that someone called Guest 21 is responsible for the series of articles on reading the water -''Reading Rivers,Tracing Trout'', which I submitted in 2009. Someone...
  14. jada0406

    Who is pretending to be me?

    I have had great difficulty in logging in to FFF, as the system will not accept my e-mail identity. Even more disturbing is the fact that someone called Guest 21 has 'assumed' that he is the originator of the ''Reading Rivers, Tracing Trout'', which I delivered to FFF in 2009. As a book on...
  15. jada0406

    DEFRA consultation on shooting cormorants needs YOU!

    Hi', At 85 years old, and through having had an avid intertest in wildlife since boyhood, I have learned to appreciate the importance of the ''balance of nature'', and have marvelled at the ways in which equilibrium within the wild environment is affected. There is no doubt that man is the...
  16. jada0406

    Angling Trust Launches Cormorant Watch Web Site and Calls on Minister to Act to Protect Fish

    HI' easker1, I am a conservationist, I do not shoot birds, I have 5 bird feeders in my garden and a virtual frog farm in what was once a fish pond; but I am also an angler, currently writing the last of a series of articles on the declining salmon population on the River Eden, in Cumbria, for...
  17. jada0406

    Albino slug

    Hi', I haven't seen an albino slug; but have a few shots of an albino frog taken while it was part of the annual spawning orgy in our garden pond. I have not heard of one before; but have not checked online. Maybe, I'll see a few albino frogs next spring?? TC
  18. jada0406

    The dangers of wet rod socks

    No one should put wet rods in any sort of bag. Keep a few sheets of kitchen roll in the car, to be used at the end of a fishing day, if necessary. Dry off excess moisture, but let the rod sections dry thoroughly in the car before storing them in a drybag or sectioned rod case or tube. I have...
  19. jada0406

    how do you tell if your glasses are polarized or not

    Hi', Hold the specs under test a few inches in front of your eyes. Look at a shiny surface through the specs (surface of water, eg); if the glare disappears and reappears as you rotate the frame of the specs through 90 degree intervals, you have polaroids. Hope that helps, TC
  20. jada0406

    Midsummer's eve BWO

    Hi' Col, Nice pic, as usual, looks like a BWO resting after 'a lads' night out'. I saw my first emergence of BWO duns a fortnight ago, on the River Eamont, late afternoon/early evening, which used to be just about the best time, most reliable, to see them on the Eden system. Not a hatch to...