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  1. Anjinsan

    Aquascaping/planted aquariums reef tanks

    Anyone into running high tech planted tanks or low tech planted tanks? Or even fish keeping in general?
  2. Anjinsan

    Farmoor res ????

    Anyone know the sp on farmoor? Do you still have to prebook? They haven't updated the Facebook page in ages any info appreciated.
  3. Anjinsan

    Bit random but what do expect. A duck in a tree.

    The other day I saw a duck in a tree. I'd never seen a duck in a tree before. Just a normal duck, the kind you feed bread to. Looked completely out of place. Do ducks frequent trees often or is this a bit of a rarity? An odd duck. It really did look weird, a duck waddling along a branch, was a...
  4. Anjinsan

    A shed load of Veniards packet cock hackles

     Packets of cock hackles mainly Veniards. Dark olive,Olive,Dark brown,Yellow,Golden olive,Brown,Hot orange,Claret,Fiery brown,Blue dun,Iron blue,Cinnamon,Dark olive,Bright red,Brown,White Cree,Buff,Green,Med olive,Med olive,Blue dun,Olive dun,Yellow/sunburst,Black,Magenta schlappen/Green...
  5. Anjinsan

    Rain (The romance & the truth)

    Some like to sing in it, others like to be taken to dance naked in it. Some like piña colada's and getting caught in it. I personally can't bloody stand it, it makes everything harder, lines sticking to rods. Wet clothes, can't dry your hands. Knots become a puzzle. It just sucks in general...
  6. Anjinsan

    Felt a bit weird (Well more weird than usual, which is actually saying something) Anyhoo went on a boat yesterday, was great.

    Yesterday (All my troubles seemed so far away) sorry have to do that after the word yesterday (All my troubles seemed so far away) Anyways I went out on a boat at Farmoor reservoir. Was quite possibly one of my greatest fishing experiences, loved it. I went with Terryswindon, whose boat handling...
  7. Anjinsan

    Oxfordshire/Berkshire/surrounding areas casting club.

    As much as I enjoy the exploits of the Manchester caster club/Glasgow casting club/North east, North west casting clubs. The time has come to put it out there and see if anyone from these areas fancy a crack at it. I practice as much as possible at the local park and on water at the cress beds...
  8. Anjinsan


    Funny things feet, anyone pay any attention to them when they are practice casting? You can move them you know and subtle things happen. People don't look down much, seem to always be looking up. Watching hands etc. Just wondered if anyone looks at their feet I do! (Obviously relates to...
  9. Anjinsan

    Farmoor meet part Deux, (Rise of the Forlorn).

    Saturday May 19th. Be there or be square. So far Me Terryswindon Bobmac Flyfishey61 Son of Flyfishey61 Mike The Mancunian candidate. I'm thinking of making cake, I'm kinda going with a rum&raisen tart. Bit like a cheesecake but softer, probably got a French name. It'll come to me anyhooo, not...
  10. Anjinsan

    A question to trade members/purveyors of goods.

    Morning. A quick question regarding buying items off trade members, is it ok to just order a few bits. Or do most trade members prefer a minimum order. What I mean is if I want to buy, say a packet of hooks with a cash value of say £3+postage is that ok? Sean
  11. Anjinsan

    Faults, purposefully done.

    Been concentrating on creating faults in my casts lately, ie create a tailing loop, cack tracking, stop the rod to high to low etc etc. Anyone else go out there and cock up on purpose, have found it just as useful as good form. Sean
  12. Anjinsan

    Farmoor meet April 9th

    Anyone up for a day at Farmoor on the above date. Perhaps a curry after? Myself and Manchester (Nice, top, massive, kicking pair of trainers) Mike shall be there. Come if you can. It'll be nice. Sean
  13. Anjinsan

    This looks good

    I saw/read about this DVD on Michael Heritages blog. Looks good, shall have to purchase it I think. Looking at this small snippet I think I'll enjoy it. I quite like the polite simple commentary. Anyone on here bought or watched it all yet nearly 3hrs of instruction from a casting guru for 20...
  14. Anjinsan

    Shimano Baitrunner 8000 XTEA

    Due to the success of my last swap with Hardrar. I'm testing the water to see if anyone would like to swap my baitrunner for something. Not sure what, please feel free to post on here. What you have for swaps. (None of that, half eaten snickers & a bag of twiglets mullarkey):) The reel is in...
  15. Anjinsan

    Shooting heads as a learning aid

    As above, are there any pros/cons to using a shooting head as a guide. To loop shapes, hauling, just general line & rod control. You know. Can using a shooting head, give a clearer picture of faults in hauling, loading etc etc. Or is one; better off just sticking to WF/DT lines, my usual...
  16. Anjinsan

    More double haul issues

    Having a wee bit of trouble hauling on the backcast, with softer rods. If I haul with a shakespere trion 7wt (stiff as a poker). No problems at all. Yet for some reason, when I haul on the backcast with a redington (Bit softer). I seem to get slack, it's as if I can't quite give the line back...
  17. Anjinsan

    Silent drag on reels. Which

    Evening, I wonder if you could use your collective knowledge and come up with a few makes of reels. That don't click, when you pull line off the reel. I don't like that clicky sound, the Koma is pretty quiet, just wondered if there were any others that don't click. Sean
  18. Anjinsan

    Well done Andy Grey

    On the 6th of May, forum member Andygrey passed his GAIC single handed exam. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying well done Andy. Sean