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  1. BlueOne

    Hucho under the main powerplant

    A bit of topwater action YouTube
  2. BlueOne

    Danube salmon and DH bamboo rod

    Had this in mind for some time and this season i have done it, fishing for danube salmon (hucho) with doublehanded bamboo rod. About the rod used: YouTube And some action (9.33): YouTube BlueOne
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    Carps right after the ice is gone

    This little wateer always works great right after the ice is gone. So with trout still in the closed season i had some fun. YouTube
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    Hucho under the main powerplant

    Here is another hucho from this place, i taught it shall be the last in this season, bot got one more on the last day. YouTube
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    Boo and silk for hucho/pike

    Just some preparations… YouTube
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    Hucho under the main powerplant

  7. BlueOne

    Why C&R is eendangering fishing-case of hucho

    Slovenia is a bit different, it always had a good water managing system and there was no need for C&R, but it was introduced as basically a commeercial measure.I was a C&R angler but no longer am. It is just about maximising profits on stockies.
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    Why C&R is eendangering fishing-case of hucho

    Those 150m are just two parts of the river joining and there is no big hatchery fish here as huchos that are stocked once a year at a different location and at maximum 50cm long. With a growth rate of roughly 10cm per year till they reach 1m, you can calculate how long do they have to be in a...
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    Why C&R is eendangering fishing-case of hucho

    A video about huge hucho cought and why mandatory C&R is endangering an acceptability of fishing in Slovenia. Many anglers in Slovenia are not aware that there is a growing sentiment against anglers, also among people, who can really influence fishing and fishing rules. YouTube
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    Big hucho in the middle of the city

    Ok, i admit i am a bit lucky to live here :) YouTube
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    Advice on what tackle I need for pike?

    To be honest, i would go with a heavier line, but it also depends on the flies you are going to use. I hope you got an aggressive WF, so as close as possible to ahooting head. I do cut down lines for pike, but with heavier heads to create specilised tackel for confined spaces, like here. The...
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    Flyfishing for hucho

    Well, nobody wants to look into this but if we would read legislation as it is, it is not legal. I also use silk sometimes and it is great fun, but your fear is justified, it does not happen very often, but sometimes it does, never had to break off a silk line, but have lost or was forced to...
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    Flyfishing for hucho

    Yes, but you need the line to cast your streamer, not all hucho streamers are on jig heads, majority of fishing is done with normal, although big streamers, that have to be casted. The other thing is also, that if i remember correctly, we actually have fly tackle defined as a rod, reel and line...
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    Flyfishing for hucho

    Well, here is a lot of bla bla on the topic od heavy tippets which i like to use in hucho flyfishing and the need for lines with heavier cores that would be ment for freshwater and cold weather. YouTube
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    Chopped flyrods

    I posted this somewhere else, but perheaps it will be usefull for somebody here as well. Basically a chopped down rods for specific purposes when you can not get something you need from the industry. Flyrods, telescopic rods, carp...all into flyrods. YouTube
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    First day of a hucho season

    One big hucho cought in a style of "the movie" but also some other stuff like how to recognise a stocked hucho, habitat loss etc. YouTube
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    Simple streamer for begginers

    Perheaps somebody shall find this usefull. YouTube