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  1. grey duster

    Moonlit Fibreglass Rods

    I am currently researching rods in the 6ft - 7ft 2 wt category - I found a video on these on line but few reviews. Does anyone have any experience of them. Made in the US. Thanks in anticiptation
  2. grey duster

    2wt vs 3 wt

    As a result of recent purchases I am looking to complete my rig out for the next trout season, starting in April. When I lived in the NW of England most of my fishing on rivers used the regulation 9ft #5 - for both spiders and dries; when I moved to the Cotswolds I shifted down (on guide's...
  3. grey duster

    Inexpensive 7WF Fly Line

    First of all thanks to all of you who offered recommendations for a new 3wt reel which I intend to purchase before April. I now have a more immediate need - a new WF Floating 7wt fly line. It's to be used with a Bruce and Walker Featherlite 10ft 6/7 wt rod which I had out yesterday on a local...
  4. grey duster

    New 3wt Reel

    I often go fishing on rivers "pre-loaded" with a number (typically 3) of rods set up in the car of which I will carry two on the bank - typically a dry or a duo rod and a nymphing rod. The alternatives are dry only or duo - because of the fuss in changing between the two which I like to avoid I...
  5. grey duster

    Custom Fly Tiers - Graffam's Hustler

    I am looking to get a bulk order of a US fly pattern Jig Nymph - Josh Graffam's Hustler -, but I can't find it offered by any UK vendor. Does anyone have a recommendation for a professional tier who will tie to order? I am...
  6. grey duster

    fly storage

    I have well over 20 different fly boxes of various conventional types - compartmented for dries, foam lined or with slots for nymphs and spiders and so on. However I find it impractical more than four or five in a waiscoat so I tend to assemble a limited selection on a trip by trip basis...
  7. grey duster

    New Fly Reel 5/6 wt

    Good afternoon. This Autumn I am looking to replace 1, possibly more, of 3 Greys GTX 5/6 wt fly reels which have given good service on rivers and small still waters but are getting a little old and tired. My usual default purchase would be another Greys of similar price point - allowing for...
  8. grey duster

    Greys Customer Service

    I would be interested to know if anyone has succeeded in getting any response from customer service at Greys or registering a new rod. I am a long time user of Greys rods from the original Greyflex onwards and have recently been back in the market after a long layoff. I had, in the past, great...
  9. grey duster

    3 wt Large Arbour Reel Recommendations

    Hi All Looking to put together a nymphing kit for small rivers and streams based on a Snowbee Diamond 3 wt 10ft. I'd like to match it with a LA reel - my default will be an Orvis Clearwater but since I am on a budget because I have a deal of tackle re-investment to make over the close season it...
  10. grey duster

    Recommendations for 9ft 4wt

    Hello again everyone. Moved down from the NW England to the Cheltenham area in the last couple of years and seriously going back to fly fishing. I used to fish rivers like the Ribble, Hodder and Wenning and my go-to rods for Spiders and Dry Fly were different versions of 5 wt or 5/6wt or (in one...
  11. grey duster

    Rotting Hackles

    It's been a while since I have fished regularly - but looking forward to the New Year now that the job which has kept me travelling to London and away from the rivers and lakes of Lancashire and Cumbria has finished - so looking out the flies again - only to discover that many of the hackles -...
  12. grey duster

    Spider Calendar

    Hi Everyone. After a gap of what seems like 3 years I am back - been working full time and no time for fishing. However I have 15th of March in my diary and am currently sorting through lines to stretch and maintain. A lot of the fishing I do is with North Country Spiders on the Hodder, Ribble...
  13. grey duster

    Still Waters within reach of Lancaster

    I wonder if folk in the NW could give me an update and advice on current fishing conditions on still waters in NW England. I am taking my son fishing on Friday and I had promised him his first trip on one of my club's river beats but in current low water conditions I think that would be a waste...
  14. grey duster

    Rod spec for boat bank

    Hi folks Looks like I'll get an opportunity to do some boat fishing this year. Can I ask what rod spec (length, weight, action) would you recommend for mostly loch style fishing for browns but capable of use from the bank ? If there's any rod you could recommend that would be helpful. Max around...
  15. grey duster

    7/8 Reel for Grilse / Sea Trout

    Hello folks Looking for a reel sub £100 for a 7/8 wt line plus backing for Sea Trout and Grilse / Salmon on small rivers. Any recommendations? Thanks GD
  16. grey duster

    Knots for Frog Hair

    Hi folks After several unsatisfactory seasons using hardy copolymer for dry leaders and tippets (curling like piggies' tails) I have bitten the bullet and invested in a number of spools of Frog Hair. Can you folks let me know what knots you use for a tapered leader joining lengths of frog hair...
  17. grey duster

    Rod Tube

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a source of rod tubes? My maximum requirement is for 2 for 9ft 2 piece, 1 for 15ft four piece and 1 for 14 ft 3 piece. Thanks GD
  18. grey duster

    Small Stream Wild Trout Near Lancaster

    As a result of decisions made at last nights AGM Galgate Anglers has some vacancies for new members to fish on the River Conder. This small river runs into the Lune Estuary and has recently benefited from the completion by the EA of a fish pass to allow migratory fish to enter the river. Large...
  19. grey duster

    Greys GRXi+ 12ft

    I know it's very early days - but has anyone got their hands on one of these yet? Would be interested in having a quick review. GD
  20. grey duster

    Shakespeare Oracle IV 12ft

    I've started this thread because the way I left the question at the end of the thread which has caused me to ask the question ( was a little delphic to say the least. One of the options which has emerged from responses to...