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    New fishing program on BBC2

    Platinum........not on your nelly! Not even for a private patient! :wine: And as for fishing post op, it would be ok a few weeks post....maybe not big game for a while though. As to the programme, I'll give it a go.
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    British Fly Casting Club (BFCC)

    They scare off anything James!
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    British Fly Casting Club (BFCC)

    I shall be there in my usual subtle shirt and permitting...
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    why have the trout gone deep?

    I didn't think May had been that warm, but according to the weather buffs it has been. It does not need to be that much warmer for many hours longer to really heat up the small Stillwaters. For the last few weeks it has been early mornings and late evening only unless you were lucky. Not getting...
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    British Fly Casting Club (BFCC)

    I would say the latter James. I still squirm when I see Lasse's clip of casting a 12 line on a v light rod... These things can be done, but at the expense of distance or the rod blank. I am still yet to try a five line on my 9/10 weight. Must give it a go to see how much I can carry.....
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    Fishing the Teme at Ludlow with a 7#?

    You will be overgunned with a 7weight, but the fish can't read the writing on the blank!
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    British Fly Casting Club (BFCC)

    It's like a left handed hammer.....
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    Lifetime supply of duck feathers.

    Thought it might be from an American cousin!
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    British Fly Casting Club (BFCC)

    Was that with a five weight rod James :whistle::goodcast:
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    Lifetime supply of duck feathers.

    Great feathers!. Love the green version of the mallard blues, teal have them in this country. Would make a great butcher variant, looking like an Alexandra I guess :cool:
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    Reflo Power line query

    I quite like it, but find it a bit limp for long leaders with droppers. I have not noticed more break offs, but do get more tangles. I also think it is a bit shiny in the sun.
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    What breaking strain?

    G5 8+ lbs is of a low enough diameter to use successfully, but. Have had some knot slippage with it. I prefer g4 of 6.9 lbs.
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    Single Blob Method ?

    Rob, so you are more of a change your line, than your flies man....imam guessing this is reservoirs you are on about where there is more depth rather than small Stillwater's?
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    Single Blob Method ?

    Rob.....what blog would you typically use. As part of a team I use a small chartreuse jelly blob with a pink tag with success, mixing it up with a bright orange, and also washed out biscuit.....any other colours that stand out for you???
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    Lure flies storage

    I would not worry about flattening marabou, it will look no different when it has been dunked in the water....
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    Given up on co-polymer...

    I made the mistake of tying fluorocarbon tippet onto a co polymer leader. My usual knot, well wetted and snugged up. Pulled out on a small fish . Silly boy.
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    Daphnia fly

    ...err....egg fly...! - - - Updated - - - How about getting some clear spanflex and tying knots in it, and colouring the knots in a pantone pen. Tie some bunches on to a hook???? Daphnia imitator or just a general purpose wiggly what not? :juggle:
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    Lightning Diawl

    It's very nice but it's no diawl...... Closer if anything to a cruncher in shape and vibe....
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    Cornwall's Orange Nymph

    You can't beat a fly in its Wolves colours! Gotta be a winner!
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    Synthetic quills.

    Instead of water, try rubbing some Nivea on the quills......