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    The Wolves

    What a season. Cheers boys. Gonna shock some folks next season. :cool:
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    Dyeing using turmeric. I

    Two tablespoons in boiling water, a dash of vinegar. It has dyed some white marabou and white eggstacy chenille a lovely warm yellowy orange. Not sure how it would work on harder to dye stuff, but it looks great.
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    Swap shop

    Not sure how admin would see this, so please close if not allowed... But How about people post on here if they have things they would be happy to swap, tying materials wise, and I would suggest with no cost involved, and then others can pm them about things they would like to swap.. It would...
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    Grayling flies for early October.

    I have a days fishing in October. I don't want to take huge numbers of flies.. I have some black klinks, grey wulffs, elk caddis, black spiders, bead head ptn and hare's ears, pink shrimps. 3 more patterns and that will do me...ideas please! :thumbs:
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    Quiver tip blanks

    I have ...pardon the pun...drawn a blank in my search for quiver tip blanks, I am after meaty one which will take a 6ounce tip...any ideas????
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    2 carp at once

    Well that was fun! I hooked into two carp whilst fishing the margins with a method feeder the other day. No one else about, wants to do I pondered. Well I stuck both rod butts under my right arm, and alternately wound the reels in. The first fish was about five pounds and came in quite easily...
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    Back to basics

    I was doing some pick up and put down drills today. Way too much power, loop on the backcast opening up.... But of course before i realised that i was using too much power, i thought i was not using enough,and made my stops harder. It took the old brain a while to realise the maxim that less is...
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    I kid you not. Frogspawn in the pond this evening. Hardy little ribbiters in this part of Not so Sunny Shropshire.
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    Pages loading slowly

    I don't know if anyone else has got this problem today, but the pages are taking an age tomload today, both on tablet and PC. Other forums and other programs I use are fine. It seems worse on the tablet...I have made no chances, any ideas??
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    A few hours with the lad

    My lad is nearly ten and although we have fly fished a bit together, he is easily bored if we are not catching.... So, cheap telescopic whip in hand, a float, few bits and bobs and some maggots and off we went to Spring Lea in not so sunny Shropshire. While setting up we threw a few handfuls...
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    Bratch locks Wombourne

    Have any of you good folks fished here. Any advice re species, location, tickets etc would be great. Thanks.
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    Loop control

    Been farting about recently with tracking and simple pick ups and lay down...back to basics as it were.. Anyway like many things in life, casting seems to have devotees whose techniques re widely different to each other, or at least they think they are. Often what people describe they do is not...
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    I have by chance the top section of one rod and the bottom of another which I am going to strip down and unite into one rod of fishing loveliness :D Now I like doing things a bit differently :eek:. Have any of you guys made handles out of wound grip wrap used for tennis rackets etc...any...
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    Magic materials

    On the bull elk thread, Darwin highlighted the magic materials that are chadwick 477 wool and MOP rootbeer flash......what others can we think of.... 2 others as starters chartreuse edge bright for the Hulk White sirdar wool for baby dolls...... at the end we shall have to tie a never...
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    Tenkara level line

    The level line I have seems to have a similar feel to 15 or 20 lb amnesia. Has anyone tried amnesia instead, and how did you get on? Cheers OG
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    Forum degrees of separation

    From some of the threads it is apparent that a lot of folks have met up and know each other away from the keyboard which is great in this modern era, even if many of them seem to think the world revolves around Yorkshire... So who have you met/spoken with irl/ fished with etc. Who would you...
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    Tenkara set up

    I am thinking of heading to the dark arts of tenkara..... The brook I fish ranges between five foot and forty foot wide, but typically nearer say ten to twenty, and is mostly inches to a couple of feet deep with a few pots to five foot. The biggest fish i have had has been under two pounds. Most...
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    Evening fishing

    I have just returned from my Fourth session on the brook this season. All have been from about 7 until dusk. I have not seen s single fish rise. I have fished places where I caught fish last year. I have fished streamers, spiders and short lined nymphs in the likely spots. So far I have caught...
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    Third time lucky?

    Sadly not. Third visit to the brook this year and third blank. Admittedly they have been casual wanders with a flick of a fly here and there rather than full on fishing.... Or at least that is my excuse...but I have not seen a single fish, trout or Chub. Not one single rise Very little fly...
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    UV resin

    Has anyone ever used this for covering whippings? is it flexile enough? any thoughts. I am assuming it is not suitable as its speed of cure would seem to have many benefits over waiting for epoxy to harden....