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  1. jambo42

    loop cross fly rod.

    loop wanted, 6 or 7 wt. pm if anything to offer, thanks.
  2. jambo42

    rio gold in touch

    LINE SOLD. Rio gold in touch boxed brand new, wf6 floating line.
  3. jambo42

    winston pure.

    winston pure 8ft 6 4wt in excellent condition, would consider a swap for a quality 10ft 3wt. pm if anything to offer , thanks.
  4. jambo42

    Winston super10

    winston b111x super 10 3wt in excellent condition, SOLD.
  5. jambo42

    loop fly rod

    looking for a loop 6wt fly rod, pm if anything to offer, thanks.
  6. jambo42

    winston air 9ft 5wt

    no longer for sale.
  7. jambo42

    vision nite catapult

    vision nite catapult 9ft 6 7wt vgc, great sea trout rod £100 posted.
  8. jambo42

    Stickman P5 stealth,

    9ft 5wt stickman p5 stealth fly in great condition , superb fly rods these only selling as i have too many 5wts these days. bargain @ £130 posted. google stickman rods for more info.
  9. jambo42

    sage click

    looking for a sage click 3-5 in bronze or lime, if anyone has one to offer pm please.
  10. jambo42

    loop evotec 10ft 8wt

    loop evotec 10ft 8wt,withdrawn from sale.
  11. jambo42

    Hardy shadow

    hardy shadow 9ft 8wt, brand new £150 posted.
  12. jambo42

    loop opti runner

    looking for an opti runner fly reel, pm if anything to offer please.
  13. jambo42

    loop fly rod

    looking for a loop fly rod between 9 and 10 ft 6 or 7wt, pm if anything to offer, thanks.
  14. jambo42

    redington butterstick

    redington butterstick 7ft 6 4wt with wooden reel seat. sold.
  15. jambo42

    Sage Domain fly reel

    domain 5 fly reel unused. sold.
  16. jambo42

    sling pack

    anybody selling a sling pack?
  17. jambo42

    fly reel 5wt

    looking for a good reel for my 5wt rod, pm if anything to offer, thanks.
  18. jambo42

    rio gold intouch

    rio gold in touch wf4 moss, grey and gold, used once,SOLD.
  19. jambo42

    patagonia vest front sling pack

    sling pack superb condition. SOLD.
  20. jambo42

    sage 4230

    4230 platinum superb condition. SOLD.