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    March Caption Competition - Sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    It's all in the wrist can bring anything up with the right action .
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    White Hackled Invicta

    Used to be deadly on loch leven ...never had one off the cast all year ...various sizes ..the best was size 16 double ..
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    kinkell grayling day

    My thanks to everyone at Kinkell today great company fabulous food ...another great day jim
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    kinkell grayling day

    Cheesy tatties under construction ...Dionne's cakes are promised seems we will be about a dozen or so as a few have asked for a lift so gentle men ...let's see you all tomorrow ...jim
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    kinkell grayling day

    We need a rough ideas of numbers guys...I will check on conditions on Friday and decide what the plan is jim
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    kinkell grayling day

    So who's all up for the Sunday then ?
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    kinkell grayling day

    Thought it was the day before?..that's the problem with these days there is only so much time to fit them in. Sorry
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    Forum day in the south?

    We could make room for you....I mean it's worth the trip just for Dionne's cake!!
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    kinkell grayling day

    Yes but only house trained maggots are allowed !!!
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    kinkell grayling day

    You men you missed them on eBay jim
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    kinkell grayling day

    We start at about 8 with breakfast...the cost is £7's more a day to shake out the cobwebs and meet friends....we all bring some items of food and drink and it is a very pleasant day....not too serious but good non the less. Jim
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    kinkell grayling day

    Right in order to put this in place we have ,sandy and I provisionally booked Sunday the 12 th of January for the kinkell bridge grayling day. Many of you know what to expect so I urge you to spread the word will be the usual format breakfast lunch and afternoon tea lol so if you have any...
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    kinkell grayling day

    I will phone sandy tonight and see what I can come up with. Jim
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    Backwinder Reels

    I think there was a mark 2 version of these reels I have to admit I haven't looked at any of the reels I have ..but I will.!! Still a great reel ...both sizes .
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    Backwinder Reels

    I have a few of these reels...stunning ..the handles are set leaning slightly inwards ...I wish I could raise the funds for these..
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    Brand New Fly Lines Snowbee, Hardy, Greys, Wychwood etc etc SAVE ££££

    Do you still have a snow bee buzzer line left Toby doesn't matter about the wt if so I will take it . Jim
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    December Caption Competition sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    You ask once more if I have had any luck and you will land on that far bank.!!
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    Big waters

    Brown trout season closed so you might have to fish for perch and pike check before you go. Jim
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    Gran Canaria advice

    There's carp in the hill ressies and some black bass.. Best carp 28 on a floater so fly rod bag of dog bickies and your set . You need a licence and there's a company on the island that do carp trips might be able to help you. Go down to Morgan and watch the mullet your not allowed to fish in...