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    Big Browns Chew Valley

    Hell that's some fish must have taken you ages to get that in. Well done !
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    Hi All, just thought I would ask question to all you out there. When tying a dropper on tippet what size do you use if your tippet is x5. The reason I ask this is I have found using the same size gets tangled easily, so I have been using a lot thicker line for my dropper, tangle free. I've...
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    Windrush river

    Hi BobP, Contacted Orvis shop yesterday, £10.00. for a day ticket. might give it a go. Thanks Saltman
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    Windrush river

    Hi All, Taking a trip up to the Cotswolds in a few days thought about having a cast on the Windrush river near Burford has anyone fished it lately ?
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    Sage, TXL-F 4710-4

    Hi All, For Sale TXL-F 4710-4. Mint condition. These are getting rare to find these days comes from the great stable of Sage. Please email me if you need any pictures as unable to post any on site :mad: Price £260.00. this includes postage to Uk only. Regards Saltman. SOLD.
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    Merry Christmas All,

    Hi All, Hope you are all full of Turkey HA !! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year. Managed to get out on Christmas Eve at the club lake, some drizzle dark clouds, then it brightened up for a few minutes, fished a Buzzer nothing change to a Tungsten beaded nymph, bang fish on 2.5lb...
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    What's the perfect weight trout rod for a one rod angler?

    What an interesting question, I have thought about this for a while. I like some of the replies you have had already, which has got me thinking even harder for me to answer. Firstly, I suppose it's where you fish, lakes, Rivers small / big, and what room you have to cast. Well made my choice...
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    Sage ESN 10' 3weight

    How much ? Saltman.
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    Micro swivels

    Everyone has different ideas but I think a swivel no, plenty of videos on droppers on the net. From experience my dropper is made from thicker line and short, never had any problems with tangles. Saltman.
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    The Cost of Fly Lines

    In My opinion you get what you pay for! There are cheaper options to suite everyone but if you have the pennies to spend why not ? There is a lot of development in fly rods, lines etc. If it makes you smile while tackling up and catching fish, why not get the best you can afford. Saltman.
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    This subject in my opinion is try as many as you can afford, then stick with the ones you like. There are so many tippet's out there will confuse most anglers, bought so many over a few years, just fish with what works for you. Saltman.
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    Where do I start..?

    Hi Sorry to hear your sad news. Well I would suggest going to your local lake or a club with the gear you have, someone will point you in the right direction hopefully. Saltman.
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    Casting fly line without the rod.

    I never seen anything like this before, might give it a go ! sell me rods then ha!!! Saltman
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    Fishing the spring hill yearly competition today

    Well done, looks like you had a good day and a winner !!! I did notice the frost tho, bet it was cold. Saltman
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    Small transverse jig hooks ???

    Hi, Hope this help you out, I bought some on ebay a couple of weeks ago, not sure if you have had a look. Saltman.
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    My first session with the Orvis Helios 3 YouTube video

    Nice video, enjoy the rod yes I agree nice to get the best you can and why not if its sport you enjoy. I my self have some nice rods and puts a smile on my face every time I tackle up, even better when there's a fish on the end of the line. I don't look at labels on other guys fishing rods or...
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    Best way to straighten a line

    Hi All, Yes this year on hot days got a few lines out and fully emptied the reel and stretched them for a better word left them in the sun, then rewound them on the reel, no memory in the line. Its just we don't get many hot days !!! to do this !! Saltman
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    Decent Black Friday deal right now...

    Nice rods, well done to grab a bargain !! Saltman.
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    Drift Reservoir. Penzance.

    Good luck will be watching forum for updates. I live in Cornwall and will be interested of the out come. Saltman.
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    Black Friday

    In my opinion most of the deals will be on old stock, maybe wrong ? Nice to get a bargain if you can!! Saltman.