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    Wychwood drift, euro nymphing rods

    I have had the 11foot 3 weight for two seasons and would thoroughly recommed it.
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    Glasgow Angling Centre.

    If you are interested the discount available is known as their reward card, it costs £5 and is available for your lifetime. It is 10 points for a pound spent and £2.50 discount for 1,000 points plus various other bits and pieces. However they have a list of angling clubs and if you put your...
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    Your Funny Fishing Stories.

    This happened to a mate and I a Few years ago. Fortunately we have not repeated it. A FISHY TALE by Jack and Victor Earlier this year the intrepid twosome noticed that entries were invited for a national fishing competition. “This looks alright and when we qualify we will get a weekend away...
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    Wychwood drift XL

    Hi, I have used the 11' 3 wt for 3 years now and had no problems with it.
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    Making a Bogdan copy

    He He, certainly made a good run with the wheel assist. Not much fight on the way back though.
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    Making a Bogdan copy

    Wow. What a project. A stunning reel and I hope you have plenty of luck in connecting with your enormous salmon.
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    Making a Bogdan copy

    Wish I had a smidgen of your talent. A beautiful piece of work.
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    Making a Bogdan copy

    A real craftsman man at work. A delight to see.
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    Well done Rob Edmunds

    Just read the article. Excellent.
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    Had an order from early December arrive today. A couple of gold fly lines, beads, a few bits and bobs and a couple of freebies. Considering the price quite happy with the wait.
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    best boat seat

    Hi Gary what is the seat and do you think it would be available in the UK.
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    Understanding Carbon Trout Rods

    Thanks a very informative article that must have taken a lot of time and effort t put together.
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    Congratulations to Rob Edmunds

    He and his partner did indeed. Excellent angling, very much doing his own thing away from those of us in the main herd. To rub salt in the wound he had given the method out previously in a magazine.
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    Bank comp yesterday.

    I tried it Jim. No joy.
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    Do not order if you are in a hurry. My items ordered at the beginning of April arrived today. Part of the order was a gold fly line , as the one I already have is an excellent line and they upgraded the reel to an Avid when I complained about the delay, apparently they had run short of some...
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    Trout Fisherman Magazine

    Hi Douglas, The last issue is Jan- Feb. Issue No. 532, it is out right now.
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    Lake of menteith ?

    Yes Jim, Also had then from Sandy Bay down to the Heronry. They were well spread out from close in to about 100 - 150 yards out. The usual methods and although we had sixteen to the boat we missed many more, very entertaining.
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    Russia. Habarovsk region. Gigantic fish

    Fantastic looking location and what stunning fish. Would love to have a go can always dream.
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    Beads for Sale

    Arrived today. Thanks for the quick postage and the excellent beads. A pleasure to deal with yourself. Again Thanks, Malcolm
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    What is the most unusual lure you have caught trout on.

    Practising casting with a bit of red floss on the end. Had at least a dozen rainbows have a go at it with a few hanging on valiantly, one I could have netted if I had one with me.