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    Streamflex GR70 11’ 3wt.

    Brand new, with blank warranty card. Great nymphing rod. £160 posted. UK delivery only.
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    Post Pandemic Angler Numbers

    Just wondering peoples thoughts regarding post pandemic fishing numbers? Not wanting to dwell on the obvious mortality of those who will be sorely missed putting a dent in our already dwindling numbers but a more general question as to whether people think the gradual decline in angler numbers...
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    Shakespeare XT 9' 5Wt 4 Pce

    Used once as a get out of jail card after forgetting to pack a rod for a trip!!! Includes rod bag and carry sling. Great little starter rod for someone, £30 plus postage
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    Sage Z-Axis 9' 5Wt

    Excellent condition. Complete with Sage bag and Aluminium Tube. £260 postage paid (UK only).
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    Marryat Tactical Pro 10'6" 3wt Nymph Special

    Unfished. Never even been out of the rod tube let alone the rod bag. Plastic still on handle etc etc. I love this rod so much that I didn't want to be without one in the event of a catastrophe at the European Championships in Czech in June so this was my spare rod that in the event it was never...
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    Small transverse jig hooks ???

    Anyone know of a supplier of small (18’s and 20’s) transverse ( 90degree) jig hooks? I’ve been using these hooks since fishing with Roman Heimlich (2015 European Champion) and some other top Czech anglers earlier this year and a French friend of mine has also recently made the switch to these...
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    £500 Reward. Stolen Marryat Tactical 10ft 4wt

    £500 reward for the return of the above rod stolen this Sunday from the Llandderfel beat of the Welsh Dee around 3.30pm. Some scrote picked this up literally from behind my back while I was fishing feet away. Only person I saw was ironically another angler who stopped to watch about 30m below...
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    Rivers National Final - Places Allocation Under New Multiple Entry Rules

    Anyone any ideas how the allocation of places to the Rivers National Final will now work under the multiple entries format? I suppose the same question would relate to the Loch Style events depending upon the outcome of the coming AGM I'd just assumed it would be the same as in previous...
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    Northern Rivers Championship - River Dee

    Just to let people know that the Northern Federation of TEFF will be holding the first of this years two river's eliminators on the combined Maelor / Llangollen waters of the river Dee on Sunday 11th March. The top anglers from this event will qualify to fish the English National River's...
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    Sunday fishing in scotland

    Up in the Borders this weekend and was wondering about fishing on Sunday? Can you fish for grayling on a Sunday these days and if so could anyone make any recommendations for this weekend? Cheers Andy