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  1. spidernymph

    How do you carry your rod?

    I tried that once - it was a right pain in the...well it was a right pain! Mind you, I wasn't using the latest ultra fast, tournament, competition, distance casting (but still with a tip which will allow you to fish a size 42 dry fly on 0.000568mm diameter tippet and land a 45lb wild brown...
  2. spidernymph

    Who makes them.

    Ah, I live in Scotland - my neighbour has a few of those strange plants. I wonder, a splice here, a dice there, a bit of cork added to the mix...could I have a new rod supplier...
  3. spidernymph

    Single Fly Challenge?

    For me running or stillwater it would have to be a #14 black spider. Just a black body (thread or floss (or floss ribbed with black thread)) and a soft black hen hackle.
  4. spidernymph

    Went into town, the streets are paved with gold.

    I followed them from (I think) Belmont Street (or was it Little Belmont Street?) to their current address many years ago now. That was in my sea fishing days and I used to fish for cod/coalfish from the rocks around Aberdeen using metal spinners and lures; mind you the small rubber eels were...
  5. spidernymph

    Foam back coch y bondhu

    The cochybondhu!!! Brings back some memories. Had just started fly fishing back in the 80's. My mate Alan & I had arrived at 'our' loch (no idea really what we were doing!) to find the loch margins covered in rising trout. Alan put on a cochybondhu spider and took his first fly caught loch...
  6. spidernymph

    Medium Wire Barbless Hooks

    Yes, a 20 euro shipping charge can be a deal breaker!
  7. spidernymph

    Medium Wire Barbless Hooks

    Thanks again everyone for your feedback. I've had someone recommend the Fario FBL301 to me and wondered if anyone has any experience of fishing with these? They are very reasonably priced, but hooks are very important, and quality and reliability of the hook is all important. I've also heard it...
  8. spidernymph

    Medium Wire Barbless Hooks

    Fantastic - thanks everyone for your replies. I will have a look at the links and go from there! ☺️(y)
  9. spidernymph

    Medium Wire Barbless Hooks

    Good evening all! I am a bit tired of crushing down barbs on my fly hooks, and wondered if anyone could recommend a medium wire, barbless hook, with a straight point that they enjoy fishing with? I will be using them for wetfly/spider type patterns fished from the bank for brown trout ranging...
  10. spidernymph

    Brown Quail (jumbo coturnix) feathers

    Would you be able to use some of the smaller ones as hackles for spider type flies? Perhaps for wings on wet flies too?
  11. spidernymph

    Fly Fishing Survey For Uni Degree - help please!

    Completed - all the best with your degree!
  12. spidernymph

    One piece rods

    I remember many years ago, when I first took up fishing as a boy, that I bought a one piece 7ft (I think) boat/pier rod from a second hand shop that had few rods for sale. The rod itself probably dated from the 60s perhaps the early 70s. My mum was fantastic in that she would provide the...
  13. spidernymph

    Understanding flies

    I would say that experience will show you which insects are present in each of the waters that you fish, and at what times they will show there but buzzers will, no doubt, most likely be present. If I'm fishing a new water (or a water that I familiar with for that matter!) I would start by...
  14. spidernymph

    A year without buying tackle?

    Yes, 2020 did that for me...
  15. spidernymph

    Using boats to fly fish.

    Yes, or Have You Eaten Grandma...
  16. spidernymph

    Using boats to fly fish.

    Do trout drift around in boats? News to me...well you live and learn...
  17. spidernymph

    The first fish you ever caught

    I think I was around nine and my parents had just moved house, from the city into an out of town estate - on the coast and much more rural. To me, it was a magical experience and was to provide some wonderful experiences and memories which, to this day, I hold dear. But what do do with my free...
  18. spidernymph

    Best flies for this time of year?

    'It all helps, thanks. I'm just starting to realize how much more to it there is than what I've been doing. Thanks.' I think that is one aspect of our love for flyfishing that really appeals to me: that even after many years of fishing you are still learning new things, whether from forums...
  19. spidernymph

    Best flies for this time of year?

    Hi Manfred, and a very warm welcome to the forum too! I'm no expert so please bear that in mind! Early season can be very 'slow' with the fish lying dormant at times until there is a slight rise in temperature around mid-day or early afternoon (around 1100-1400). Fishing can be very slow early...
  20. spidernymph

    The answer to the floods?

    The proverbial nail was hit on the proverbial head above.