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  1. ibm59

    Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM Lens - Canon F

    Withdrawn from sale
  2. ibm59

    Unused Metz no1 cream neck cape

    As above. Lovely clean cape . £45 inc Special Delivery in UK.
  3. ibm59

    Short Shooting Heads

    Yes. I miss our riverbank chats.
  4. ibm59

    Best Sage 9' #5 rod for river fishing?

    Hard to chose between my SLT and my B11T 8’6" #4 , Steven. ;)
  5. ibm59

    Best Sage 9' #5 rod for river fishing?

    The 8’ 6” SLT #4 is a wee cracker. ;)
  6. ibm59

    Where did the swallows go?

    Swifts are long gone from the north end of Costa del Clyde , but maw , paw , and wean swallows are still about in numbers. Seems to have been a decent breeding season hereabouts :thumbs:
  7. ibm59

    The eternal Question...What Waders are good? Wychwood SDS Gorge Chest Waders

    Age disnae come alone , buddy.:whistle:
  8. ibm59

    Closing Threads?

    I’m sorry you feel that voicing an opinion that differs from your own constitutes abuse , and that it should be reported to admin.. And I can assure you that I wasn’t taking the ....
  9. ibm59

    River fishing for brown trout 2019

    It’s Brian.. That’s the second time ..... - - - Updated - - - It’s Brian.. That’s the second time .....
  10. ibm59

    River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Whatever you wish , Danny But please listen to what I’ve said about the numbers game. It currently has the grouse shooters in ash it storm of trouble.
  11. ibm59

    Ahead of the Game. Scott Rea.

    Looking for a copy of the above book.
  12. ibm59

    River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Clear now , Douglas
  13. ibm59

    River fishing for brown trout 2019

    Lamington for me , after a break for a few years due to family issues. But not much before mid April though. I usually have a trout rod in the car on salmon days / weeks too.
  14. ibm59

    Vosseler S1.5

    Looking for at least one , and possibly two , spools if the price is right. Silver finish preferred , but not absolutely essential May also consider reel and spool Must be in excellent condition.
  15. ibm59

    2019 wish list.

    I’d like to actually go fishing again. Circumstances beyond my control have severely curtailed my days on the riverbank over the last 3 years.
  16. ibm59

    TV program, Saving Our Salmon

    Sad,sick salmon both farmed and wild. BBC Scotland - Landward Saving Our Salmon 16 Oct 2018 Corin Smith - Inside Scottish Salmon Feedlots - Home | Facebook
  17. ibm59

    Adder bites

    Loch a’ Bharain beside the Crinan Canal near Dunardry used to crawl with the things. :thumbsdown: Found that out the hard way one hot summer’s day many moons ago.:ohno: Didn’t get bitten , but everywhere I looked there was another sunning itself Beat a hasty retreat. Great uncle was lock...