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    What's happened to Doobrysnatcher.?

    What's happened to Doob?. Missing his offerings on the fly tying section.
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    Any body know why Brenig is still not open.? T.B.C.
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    Passion+, a Little Luck.

    Sitting here reflecting on last night's Welsh game. What makes teams like Wales an Iceland play out of there skins,and England play like a team of amateurs. After England play, you have the tele pundits saying they lack passion, time and time again. I'm afraid I disagree with this,as I think...
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    There's a party going on.

    Wales is closed to night, There's a party going on.:thumbs:
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    hardy Rod Information.

    After receiving good information from the Winston devotee's I now require some info on a Hardy rod. The rod is a Hardy Favorite (The Specialist) thats what it says on the blank. I'ts 12.5ft, 3pc, no line wt. When I say 3pc I'ts more a two and a half pieces, 2pcs of 5ft and the handle and 6". I...
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    Size 32 Hooks.

    Any body know of any maker,supplier of size 32 hooks home or abroad. A friend who ties on 28/30s want's to go smaller. Must be mad. Thanks. :confused:
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    Lexus at Brenig.

    Anybody got the full results of the Lexus team comp held at Brenig on saturday. cheers.:)
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    A quick Hello.

    After sitting on the side lines for the last 18 months, thought it was time to take the plunge and join the forum. Look forward to joining the debates and adding any advice where asked. T.B.C.